Phasmophobia Patch – Update Changelog on November 4th

Phasmophobia Patch – Update Changelog on November 4th

Another patch for Phasmophobia has arrived, Kinetic Games has released a new game update. Below is the full list of adjustments made on november 4th.

The Phasmophobia Update can now be downloaded and installed. When you open the Steam Launcher, the download should start automatically.


Phasmophobia Steam Patch Notes


  • Fixed a bug where some Ouija Board sanity questions were taking away too much sanity
  • Fixed a bug where the Ouija Board sanity questions would give a different answer for each player in multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would not kill you if it saw you while checking your last location
  • Fixed a bug where the snow weather effects were not working correctly
  • Potential fix for the escape the ghost mission sometimes not completing
  • Fixed a bug where player volumes were not always setting to the correct value after loading into a game
  • Fixed a bug where you would get fingerprints photos on Campsite when there were no fingerprints
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost could sometimes think non hosts were inside closets and kill them from far away


  • Voice recognition phrases will now default to English if they have not been translated


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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