Phasmophobia Update – Exposition Hotfix on August 27

Phasmophobia Update – Exposition Hotfix on August 27

After the Exposition update for Phasmophobia was published yesterday, it is now time to fix the bugs. Below you can find all the details and the patch notes for the hotfix update

The Phasmophobia Update (Build 7263166) can now be downloaded and installed. When you open the Steam Launcher, the download should start automatically.


Phasmophobia Steam Patch Notes


  • Added options to toggle Film Grain and Chromatic Aberration post processing effects



  • DOTS projector evidence will now activate much more frequently and will now work in large rooms
  • The ghost hunting delay has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds
  • Glowstick’s light now lasts 1 minute and fades to half intensity over 10 seconds (no longer turns off)
  • Replaced ghost writing with more legible visuals
  • Removed blur from video cameras
  • Removed subtle glitch effect from all cameras that was causing motion sickness
  • Updated hair shaders to stop UI showing through them
  • Updated several lights in the game to improve performance
  • Ghost hunting effects will now work if the ghost is on a different floor to you
  • Significantly lowered the light range for the Lighter



  • Fixed a bug where the parabolic microphone wouldnt allow you to hear paranormal sounds
  • Fixed a bug where the CCTV system would break if a player died with a head mounted camera
  • Fixed several performance issues with the video and cctv cameras
  • LIV VR: Potential fix for the character model showing over yourself in the spectator view
  • Fixed a bug where screen space reflections were not working
  • Fixed VR equipment grab rotations for some equipment
  • Fixed a bug where the Smudge Stick had two right hands for VR
  • Fixed a bug where your FOV would reset on the main menu after sprinting if you changed your FOV
  • Fixed a bug where you could place a Motion Sensors on the floor
  • Fixed a bug where you could place a DOTS Projector on certain objects


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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