Phasmophobia Update 0.4.1 – Patch Notes on November 2nd

Phasmophobia Update 0.4.1 – Patch Notes on November 2nd

Oh my god, there is really a lot going on today! On the first level we wrote the new patch notes for the Far Cry 6 update, and the next update for Phasmophobia is coming.

The Phasmophobia Update 0.4.1 can now be downloaded and installed. When you open the Steam Launcher, the download should start automatically. Today’s Update adds
new content, Adjustments and bug fixes.


Phasmophobia Patch Notes 0.4.1

Quija Board

To help combat certain ghosts being very difficult to identify, we’ve added some new questions to the Ouija board so that you can get a rough idea of what your sanity percentage is.

  • The Ouija Board is now guaranteed on Nightmare difficulty
  • You can now ask the Ouija board what your sanity is in different ways
  • Different questions will give different responses
  • Combining these responses can give you a very good idea of your sanity
  • Asking about your sanity will only drain your sanity a very small amount
  • Less useful Ouija Board questions now drain your sanity much less
  • Some Ouija Board spawn points have been moved to avoid clipping with hiding place blockers


  • Ghosts changing preferred room is now tied to sanity. Higher sanity, less room changing!
  • There is a now a shortcut from the entrance area to the campfire area in Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Heavy rain has received new visuals
  • More photos have been added
  • Weather can now come through the grated ceilings in the Prison cell blocks


  • Ghosts now have a maximum range for changing preferred rooms
  • Goryo will now always give DOTS evidence on Nightmare difficulty
  • Obake will now always give Fingerprints evidence on Nightmare difficulty
  • Fingerprints now have 100% chance to spawn instead of 75%
  • Fingerprints now last 2 minutes before fading out
  • Obake’s strength has been adjusted to accommodate the fingerprints changes
  • Fingerprints can now be left on small tents, picnic benches, cooler boxes, wooden posts and log seating in Maple Lodge Campsite
  • The amount of hiding blockers has been adjusted in all locations and difficulties
  • Camping lights, fairy lights and the campfire light have been adjusted to stop sanity drain like other lights
  • Ghosts now have a much lower chance to change preferred rooms on Professional and Nightmare
  • Lowered the chance for ghosts to wander long distances
  • Fog colour, Night vision, and Ghost Orbs have been adjusted to help gameplay visibility during foggy weather
  • Increased interaction rate for ghosts on Nightmare difficulty to match Professional difficulty
  • Optimised all weather conditions for better performance
  • Optimised trees and other foliage in Maple Lodge Campsite for better performance
  • The clock ticking and white noise sounds now loop seamlessly
  • In VR, you will no longer grab the tent door when attempting to grab a nearby prop
  • Ghost events will no longer stop if you leave the room or get too far away from the ghost


  • Fixed several issues with tent collision
  • Fixed several safe spots on Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Fixed several spots where the player could get stuck on Maple Lodge Campsite
  • Fixed a safe spot under the bed in the nursery on Edgefield Street House
  • Fixed a bug where the Raiju’s weakness wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where you could teleport into the Tanglewood house through the yellow barricades
  • Fixed a bug where placing a sound sensor on the floor wouldn’t show it on the map
  • Fixed a bug where placing a sound sensor on the floor wouldn’t allow it to function correctly
  • Fixed a bug where dropping the candle could initiate a hunt from an Obake
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost would be completely invisible instead of only casting shadows
  • Fixed a bug where other players microphone volume would reset when returning to the lobby
  • Fixed a bug where certain light switches wouldn’t give fingerprints photo evidence
  • Fixed a bug where several showers weren’t interactable
  • Fixed a bug where some showers had two shower heads
  • Fixed a bug where several bones wouldn’t give bone photo evidence
  • Fixed a bug where asking the Ouija Board multiple questions would make answers overlap
  • Fixed a bug when dropping the Ouija Board in VR would stop it falling to the ground
  • Fixed a bug where hiding spots could still be blocked on Amateur
  • Fixed a bug where lights wouldn’t reset their brightness after flickering
  • Fixed a bug where players could talk on the walkie-talkie when near a hunting ghost
  • Fixed a bug where ghosts could change preferred rooms to one on the opposite side of the location


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