Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.4.2 – Bug Fix Notes on Dec. 15

Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.4.2 – Bug Fix Notes on Dec. 15

Frontier Developments today released a new update for Planet Zoo. See the full December 15th patch notes below.

The Planet Zoo Steam Update 1.4.2 is available now. In addition to the bug fixes, there are also improvements and changes.


Planet Zoo Patch Notes 1.4.2

  • Animals* Fixed an issue where animals would sometimes move a small amount in the opposite direction of their intended destination after surfacing from underwater swimming.
  • Fixed underwater particle trails exiting out of the water.
  • Increased the minimum height of the King Penguins slightly to amend scaling issues in social interaction animations.
  • Fixed Market Animals sometimes linking to the incorrect Zoopedia entry. 
  • Fixed animals escaping a habitat via the platform floats.
  • Staff* Fixed an issue when the user deletes a staff room while there is an educator resting in it and they are also deleted from the park with it. This also fixes a rarer case where the same thing would happen to staff members that are only in the staff building to hide from a dangerous escaped animal.
  • Educators can now head to Animal Talk Points up to three months in advance, up from the previous one month preparation time, and will autonomously determine how much time they need to reach the Animal Talk Point.
  • Scenery* Moved the new waterfall assets to the ‘Construction > Special Effects > Water’ building menu.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a plant could make it unable to place on water. 
  • Fixed a localisation error causing Arctic Buildings being incorrectly ordered in the Blueprints menu.
  • Added missing theme tags for Arctic Shelter Blueprints.
  • Platform float now aligns correctly to the water’s surface when “Align To Surface” placement option is on.
  • Fixed names for several Double Pitch Corner roof assets where the name contained incorrect height information.
  • Fixed the researching of thick glass barrier on challenge and franchise mode so that it now works if all other levels of Barrier Research were completed before its addition.
  • Timed Scenarios* Fixed players being unable to save the “Red barn river zoo” timed scenario due to it including a scenery asset from the Australia DLC. The piece has been removed from the starting save.
  • Facilities Water temperature regulator Fixed an issue where increasing the range of a water temperature modifier would not update to affect newly attached lakes.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications appeared for unsuitable temperatures when animal welfare was disabled.
  • Guests
  • Balanced visibility so that guests will use underwater viewing areas more when animals are deep swimming.
  • Reduced destination rating pull for animal talks to prevent guests from walking from all over the zoo.
  • UI* Fixes to transport ride management “Number of Trains” and “Cars per Train” steppers.
  • Ticket Price stepper in transport ride management screen now increases in increments of $0.10.
  • Guests reached stat for Animal Talks management UI is now displaying correctly and kept between saving and loading.
  • Resolution and border improvements to the shop branding banner images.
  • Fixed the locate pin on some Timeline events breaking the Animal UI temporarily.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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