Playstation PSN ID can be changed soon

Playstation PSN ID can be changed soon

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it will soon be possible to adapt the PSN ID! A year-long battle of wishes, complaints and technical implementation will thus come to an end.

Over the years, the community has been calling for Sony to change the PSN name, something that has long been implemented on other systems, but PSN has not. In addition, it has now been confirmed that the code was tested years ago.

Anthony Vaccaro, Naughty Dog’s Environment Artist, has made an interesting unveiling on Twitter. According to his statement, his mother was a senior database administrator in the Sony team 12 years ago. It is supposed to have developed and tested a program code for the change of the user name after the start of the PSN, however this was classified as not relevant and not further developed.

When exactly the new feature comes is currently not known, it should be previously tested in a beta version.

Written by: Carizma

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