Pokémon GO: Team Changes will be introduced in the future?

Pokémon GO: Team Changes will be introduced in the future?

The team change in Pokémon GO could soon be possible. A Dataminer has found an item in the code, which should enable the team change.

This is the find of the Dataminer: The well-known Dataminer Chrales searched the new update 0.135.0 for innovations and came across a special item.

The name of the item is “Team Medallion” and you can see the three teams on the icon. Many players are now sure that a team change might be imminent.

Team Changing in Pokémon GO. Iteam found

This is what the item looks like: An icon of the special item was found in the code. You can see all three team logos and in the middle something shiny.

The description for the icon says: “A unique coin that allows a coach to change teams. A team medallion can only be purchased once every 365 days in the shop.

It seems that every player can change teams once a year. But you have to buy this coin in the in-game shop. How expensive this item will be, but is not known.

A team change is important to many trainers, because friends can soon take in a group arenas and no longer rely on the different team colors.

When can one expect the team change? So far, the whole thing was found only in the code. The new update is currently in the rollout and is only slowly. Whether the item is activated with the new update is unclear. There is no statement from Niantic.

In the end, Niantic can make a team change active at any time. But this can take months. This is in the hands of the developer.

What do you think about Team Changing? Would you be fan of it? Use the comments below!

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