Pokémon GO – This is included into the new offer boxes

Pokémon GO – This is included into the new offer boxes

New offer Boxes in the Pokémon GO shop available

There are some new offer boxes in the Pokémon GO shop and really worth it. We will tell you why they are worth it and what you can expect inside.

Next to the Lunar New Year Event Niantic will offer also new boxes in the shop. There you will find a lot of discounts. Not all the boxes are worth buying them, but the in the current boxes you will find some great items and they are offered with a huge discount.

The truth about the new offer boxes in Pokémon GO

To give you a good overview about the boxes, we will list you everything that is included and calculate the benefits of each box.

he way we calculate: to calculate the saving, we did not take the price of every single item. We calcucalted with a bundle of 8 pieces of each item und compared it to the offer box.


Special Box

  • Contains: 2x egg hatchery, 2x Rais passes, 4 lucky eggs
  • Price 450 coins
  • Saving: 270 coins (round about 36%)
  • Who should buy this box? This box offers solid items, but does not provide the biggest discount. Many other special boxes have been better than this one. Who does not need any lucky eggs, should not buy this offer box.


Super Box

  • Contains: 3x Fog, 3x Supper hatchery, 5x Raid passes, 6x lucky eggs
  • Price 780 coins
  • Saving: 882 coins (round about 53%)
  • Who should buy this box? The Super Box is a usefull offer if you need lucky eggs. Who does not need them, will have a small saving. But if you don’t have enough coins for a Hyper Box, should think about buying a Super Box


Hyper Box

  • Contains: 10x Super-Hatchery, 12x Raid passes, 8x lucky eggs, 8x Pieces of a Star
  • Price 1480 coins
  • Saving: 2720 coins (round about 64%)
  • Who should buy this box? This box is one of the best Hyper Boxes of all times. You will receive the best items in it. It’s definatelly worth is buying this box and create a stock of items. Because you never know what comes with the next offer boxes.


In a nutshell

Who attends to invest some money into his account of who has collected a good stock of coins, should definatelly invest into these boxes. The biggest saving will be experienced buying the Hyper Box. But the other boxes are also worth it.

Fitting for the event: Each box contains lucky eggs, which ideally match the double experience points of the current event. With the numerous raid passes you can challenge a very strong raid boss with Palkia at the moment.

Tell us, will you invest into the boxes? Use the comments below!

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