Pokémon GO Update Patch Notes 0.163

Pokémon GO Update Patch Notes 0.163

Pokémon GO has received a new update, there is a new mode and relief for rocket fights. Pokémon GO Update 0.163 is available now, in the Apple Store you can find the update under version 1.129.


Pokémon GO Update Update 0.163 / 1.129 Patch Notes


  • Team GO Rocket battles will now remember the last used Battle party. This is saved for each Team GO Rocket Grunt type and each Team Go Rocket Leader.
  • Added new winter loading screen
  • The Super Rocket Radar is no longer a deletable item, and will not count toward Bag space
  • New ways to interact with Buddy Pokémon

Bug Fixes

  • Improved considerable lag when selecting a Battle Party before combat or through Pokémon storage party tab
  • Fixed some Adventure Sync stability issues
  • Clicking the link to enable Adventure Sync on the fitness rewards screen now leads to the settings menu
  • Fixed Team GO Rocket music issues
  • Right-to-left languages now appear correctly when appraising a Pokémon

Written by: Carizma

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