Pokemon: Wiglett is coming to Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon: Wiglett is coming to Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon: A beach-dwelling tiny guy named Wiglett was recently revealed as a new Pokémon for the future Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games in a role-played ecological report from the organization known as the Pokémon World Ecological Society. It’s not what you think, though, so no.


Pokemon: Wiglett


The reporters in the video, which Serebii grabbed and posted, indicated that this Pokémon had nothing to do with Diglett. At first, they were perplexed, but Paldean researchers confirmed that it is a different Pokémon. It just so happens to look similar.


Convergent Species


A few months ago, information about this idea and the fact that one of the Pokémon would be modeled after Diglett was revealed. They are also referred to as “regional fakes” or “convergent species”. They are just another option for the game makers to redesign their Pokémon. 


“Convergent Evolution”


The concept is allegedly inspired by the theory of “Convergent Evolution” in biology, whereby entirely distinct species acquire similar properties as they evolve. What can you say about Wiglett? Share us your thoughts!

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