Pre-Event in Anthem is on – Is Cataclysm starting on Tuesday?

Pre-Event in Anthem is on – Is Cataclysm starting on Tuesday?

Anthem has launched a pre-event on the Cataclysm. While Misery Things are happening in the sky, players have now received orders that are live under the name The Rising Storm. Fans suspect that finally the Cataclysm launches.

After BioWare falsely published a countdown and a few tasks a few days ago, these challenges are now back and this time it’s supposed to be hso. Under the name “The threatening storm” you now have to complete 3 orders. Appropriately, a timer expires, which should end this Tuesday.


Pre-Event has started – Is Cátaclysm coming on Tuesday?

The countdown, which belongs to the event, can puzzle many players now. The most popular theory on Reddit is that this is currently just a pre-pre-event and starts the actual pre-event on Cataclysm on Tuesday.

That would make sense, because currently you should help stop the impending storm. So, if that does not work out, then Anthem should get uncomfortable and the storm might start.


Will Client Patch be available for download on Tuesday?

It can be assumed that a larger client patch will be released on Tuesday. The last update version was patch 1.21 on the PS4, as soon as there is official news or official patch notes, we will let you know.

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