PS5: Rumoured to Feature a Detachable Disk drive

PS5: Rumoured to Feature a Detachable Disk drive

PS5 will have its first significant revision in the fiscal year 2023, and will include a removable disc drive. The detachable disc drive won’t be made to look at all external and would instead plug into a USB-C socket.


Separate Detachable Disk drive


Additionally, it’s been claimed that the detachable disc drive will be available separately. It’s a fantastic news because it means that if your disc-drive breaks, you won’t have to replace the entire console.


Possible tactic to entice players to acquire a new PS5 


It might also serve as a tactic to entice players to acquire every PS5 they can get their hands on. Get the first system you can and add the detachable disc drive afterward if you can’t purchase a PS5 with one.


Any on the shelf may work for individuals partial to either physical copies or digital copies, eliminating the need for many consumers to hold off until they see stock of the PS5 model they’re seeking.




Sony has developed a “slim” or smaller variant for each system it has produced. Going back to the inception of the PlayStation, even if it has yet to deliver on that last aspect fully. So even though it’s not been confirmed, a PS5 Slim is very likely on its way, and it’ll be interesting to see how Sony does it and if it’s able to get the console close to that size DIY version a YouTuber created. Are you interested in the idea of having a modern console with a detachable disk drive? Share your thoughts in the comment section


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