PS5 Secret Port – What is the slot for?

PS5 Secret Port – What is the slot for?

The PS5 Showcase Event revealed the price and release date, all eyes were just focused on it, no one took a closer look until now!

A secret port has been discovered on the back of the Playstation 5 and nobody knows what this slot is for!

What did you discover on the PS5? It’s about a previously unseen slot or opening on the back of the console. These are right at the top, provided the console is upright. You can see them here:


What about the unknown slot on the PS5?

So far, Sony has not yet provided an explanation for the slot. There are also no indications from the known data about connections and functions.

PS5 Slots

Of course, this hidden slot has started a lot of discussions and theories. We have summarized the most logical explanations:

  • This opening is a security feature – namely the Kensington Security Lock (K-Slot). This allows you to fix the console with a metal cable in the shop, for example, to prevent it from being stolen.
  • It could be a PSVR2 connection, so it could act as a new “Virtual Reality” glasses.
  • It’s just a Sony diagnostic connector that will later be covered by a warranty seal when the console hits the market.

Do you have another idea? Do you see something that has not yet been recognized? Let us know!

Written by: Carizma

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