PvZ: Battle for Neighborville Patch Notes 1.11 on July 28

PvZ: Battle for Neighborville Patch Notes 1.11 on July 28

The responsible developers of PopCap Games have finished and released a new update for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville today. Below you can find the complete patch notes for this update on July 28th.

The Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Update 1.11 is now available for download. The update includes new features, balancing, bug fixes and improvements.


Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Update 1.11 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added station markers within Giddy Park to improve navigation to points of interest. 
  • New Weekly Events featuring playable horde characters
  • Adding Private Play; available through the Multiplayer Terminal  

Balance Tuning


  • Revive
    • No longer ends Pea Suped or Space Force
    • No longer ends healing if Super Savior upgrade is equipped
    • Plant visual indicator now green to not get confused with Sunflower healing
  • Upgrade Rough Patch
    • Increase time before Overhealth starts to decay, 10->30


  • Spikeweed
    • Increase rate of damage so it is easier to identify if victim is ensnared
    • Decrease damage to offset rate of damage from above
    • Decrease arming delay 2->1 sec
  • Grody Goop
    • Decrease initial damage when acquiring toxic, 45->40
    • Decrease duration of toxic 15->13 sec
    • Toxic element is removed on victim vanquish

Kernel Corn

  • Shogun Guard
    • Increase projectile final velocity post drag, 420->500 m/s
    • Increase shield regen rate 10->12.5 health/sec
    • Decrease regen delay when lowering shield 2->1 sec
    • Decrease regen delay when shield is destroyed 5->1 sec
    • Increase min health requirement after shield has been destroyed 12.5->25 health
  • Shuck Shot
    • Increase movement speed when firing, speed multiplier 0.5->1.0
  • Husk Hop
    • Remove camera restriction for improved aiming
  • Upgrade Happy Feet
    • Fix issue with upgrade not getting removed when vanquished

Night Cap

  • Spore Strike
    • Increase accuracy, 3.2->2.8
    • Increase air accuracy, additional jump angle 3->1
  • Fung Fu
    • Fix issue with Fung Fu being activated while in Shadow Sneak
  • AI
    • Fix issue with Night Cap using abilities and primary weapon while in Shadow Sneak


  • Upgrade Calibrated
    • Decrease decay time that upgrade is active, 0.075->0.5 per second
    • Increase charge rate per damage event, 0.15->0.35


  • Blue Blazes
    • Adjust projectile spawn location to better match mouth location when firing
    • Decrease how much movement affects projectile speed, 0.35->0%
    • Decrease time until homing starts, 0.85-> 0.35 sec


  • Juiced Upgrade
    • Fix issue with weapon taking longer to start, deploy time 1.5->1.05

Acorn & Oak

  • Acorn Dash
    • Now gains two charges
  • Treetop Turret
    • Increase damage 4.6->5
    • Decrease overheat rate 0.0175->0.0115 heat/shot
    • Fix issue with not dealing critical damage
  • Lumber Support
    • Can now grant overhealth
  • Upgrade Nutty Feedback
    • Update text to read “Gain ammo for Shell Shot or Wood Grief by dealing damage.” Old text did not reflect the effect on Oak’s weapon.


  • Imp Blasters
    • Increase rate of fire 700->725 rpm
    • Increase accuracy in air, additional jump dispersion 3->1.2
    • Decrease projectile velocity post drag 200->150 m/s
    • Decrease accuracy when aiming, dispersion multiplier 0.5->0.65
    • Decrease recoil when aiming, recoil multiplier 1.0->0.85
    • Fix aim bug that was increasing rate of fire
  • Gravity Grenade
    • Fix gameplay effects on victims lasting after vanquish
  • Mech Deploy
    • Fix issue with Imp not taking damage while calling in Mech

Super Brainz

  • Brainium Basher 9001
    • Charge attack doesn’t happen if caught in spikeweed
  • Heroic Fists
    • Fix issue with Alpha Better Shield canceling attack follow-through for each punch
  • Alpha Better Shield
    • Can activate sprint while shield is up, removing need to lower shield first
  • Upgrade Speed Bag
    • Update text to read “Heroic Fists punch faster and Brainium Basher 9001 charges faster by earning a vanquish. Upgrade can stack up to three times.” Old text did not reflect the effect on Legendary Upgrade.
  • Upgrade Extra Special
    • Fix issue with shield being lost post Super Ultra Ball if it was used throughout ability

80s Action Hero

  • Bow Blaster
    • Now has camera recoil

Electric Slide

  • Funky Bouncer
    • Restrict victims from using sprint

Space Station 

  • Orbital Strike
    • Fix issue with enemy homing weapons not homing to the correct location


  • Upgrade Applying Pressure
    • Fix the issue with screen effects not getting removed when enemy is vanquished


  • Steam Blaster
    • Decrease overall damage per blast 71->60, shift damage from initial blast to latter part of blast
    • Decrease ammo 5->4


  • Co-Star
    • Fix issue with Goatify making Wizard not attach and get stuck in Co-Star mode making him invincible
  • Upgrade Two-Headed Dragon
    • Fix issue with Wizard becoming stuck in Co-Star mode making him invincible


Major Bugs Fixed

  • Wizard’s Upgrade Two-Headed Dragon is fixed
  • Fixing Water in Turf takeover Resort 
  • Performance improvements to Resort TT + map being put back into playlist rotation 
  • Mount Steep gnome button fixed 
  • Wizard invincibility fix 
  • Wizard default gestures second fix attempt

Detailed Challenge tuning

  • Action Hero: “Land Hits with the Bow Blaster” Completion Value 500 –> 250
  • Scientist:  “Deal Primary Weapon Damage” Completion Value 5,000 –> 3,000
  • Scientist: “Revive Allies” Completion Value 20 –> 15
  • Citron: “Land Hits with Spin Dash” Completion Value 100 –> 50
  • Citron: “Defend with Peel Shield” Completion Value 5,000 –> 3,500
  • Peashooter: “Score Direct Hits with Pea Cannon” Completion Value 200 –> 100
  • Peashooter: “Pea Suped Damage” Completion Value 2,500 –> 2,000
  • Pirate: “Full Charge Spyglass Shot Vanquishes” –> “Land Fully Charged Spyglass Shots” (50)
  • Pirate: “Deal Damage with Barrel Blast” Completion Value 300 –> 1500
  • Pirate: Deal Damage with Parrot Pal” Completion Value 800 –> 500
  • Pirate: Post-Anchor Shot Vanquish Completion Value 15 –> 5
  • Mushroom: Vanquish Support Heroes Completion Value 30 –> 15
    • Added Wizard to viable target
  • Sunflower: Sunbeam Vanquishes Completion Value 100 –> 25
    • To bring the challenge more in line with Peashooter’s Pea Gatling Challenge.



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  1. RICHARD SHEA July 28, 2020 | Reply

    Why is the update taking a long time to install after the software is finished downloading? Will there be a problem if the system is rebooted?

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