Rainbow Six Siege: Battle Royal Mode declined

Rainbow Six Siege: Battle Royal Mode declined

In recent months, it has been speculated again and again, whether sooner or later Rainbow Six Siege could be equipped with a Battle Royal mode. However, like Brand Director Alexandre Remy, players should not expect it, as the Battle Royal concept simply does not fit the tactical shooter.

In recent months, not only the two Battle Royal top dogs “Fortnite” and “PUBG” celebrated great successes.

In addition, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are sending in these days, with “Apex Legends” to establish another size in the Battle Royal genre. Within a few days, the new work of “Titanfall” -makers brought it to the handsome pay of over 25 million players. It is understandable that it is expected that sooner or later Ubisoft will join the race. How about, for example, a Battle Royal mode for Rainbow Six Siege?

Ubisoft declines Battle Royale Mode

Lastly, no one less than Brand Director Alexandre Remy faced this question and clearly rejected a Battle Royal mode at the Six Invitational in Montreal. As Remy pointed out, the Battle Royal concept simply does not fit Rainbow Six Siege.

“No, I think Battle Royale is out of the question,” Remy says. “The asymmetric nature of the game, the importance of team composition, team synergy, team communication, destruction and operator. These elements with their clear rules that really make Rainbow Six a unique shooter genre experience can not be reconciled with Battle Royal. “

However, this does not mean that Ubisoft is opposed to the Battle Royal genre itself. As CEO Yves Guillemot asserted in the current annual report, Battle Royal is a topic that is discussed internally. However, the publisher has yet to announce anything.

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