Rainbow Six Siege: Featuring The Undertaker and Becky Lynch

Rainbow Six Siege: Featuring The Undertaker and Becky Lynch

The Undertaker and Becky Lynch skins have recently surfaced in a fresh leak for Rainbow Six Siege, suggesting that one of the most recognizable WWE superstars in history may soon be in the game.


 Epic Games had its own Summerslam celebration


According to VGC, a data miner for Rainbow Six Siege going by the handle Lungu r6 has extracted some forthcoming skins from the game’s in-game files. However, it is currently uncertain whether or not they will be included in the game.


Nevertheless, this won’t be the WWE’s first game partnership of the year if the alleged leak is accurate. A few months ago, Epic Games had its own Summerslam celebration in honor of the WWE Summerslam event. Along with introducing John Cena to Fortnite, the event also welcomed The Undertaker, Asuka, and Xavier Woods to the Fall Guys universe with exclusive skins.


Rick and Morty


Ubisoft has already introduced some rather “unique” skins to Rainbow Six Siege. The well-known first-person shooter and the popular animated comedy Rick and Morty worked together earlier this year. Players could buy the bundle to play as the recognizable Rick and Morty characters, along with additional weapon skins, charms, and more.


Take Away 


While Morty’s skin was available only from Fuze, Rick’s skin was equitable through Doc. The “Smoke Pickle Rick” bundle from earlier in the year was Rainbow Six Siege’s first cooperation with Rick and Morty. But until Ubisoft makes the leaked WWE skins official, we advise treating the information with a grain of salt.


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Written by: verena smith

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