Rainbow Six Siege: First details regarding the upcoming Patch/ Update Y4S1

Rainbow Six Siege: First details regarding the upcoming Patch/ Update Y4S1

Soon, the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege with the new update Y4S1 considered. Already, Ubisoft revealed details of the changes that will accompany the patch.

The successful tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege” continues to receive new content.

As already announced, the contents of the Season named “Operation Burnt Horizon” will be presented next weekend. On board are the new map “Outback” as well as the Australian operator Mozzie and Gridlock.

In keeping with the new season, they are working on the new update Y4S1, which will make changes to the game mechanics. First details of the new update were released today in the form of a preliminary changelog.


Rainbow Six Siege First details about the patch Y4S1


The ACOG has been removed from the R4-C.



The time to switch between the S-burner “Suri” and the weapons has been increased.



Phone signals from Dokkaebi will be automatically terminated after 18 seconds.
If you are within range of jammers, Dokkaebi will stop calling your phone.
Anyone moving into the range of jammers will end active telephone signals.



The impact area has been increased.

The damage was reduced from 19 to 12 per tick.



The muzzle brake for the submachine gun has been removed.



Damage to GU mines has been reduced from 8 to 4 per tick.



The mission animation is now much shorter.

Attacker damage has been reduced from 150 to 50.

Defender’s area damage has been increased.

The deadly area damage of defenders has been reduced.

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