Realm Roayle: Early Access 13 – Mini-Patchnotes

Realm Roayle: Early Access 13 – Mini-Patchnotes

The developers of Realm Royale have added a new patch, Early-Access 13.

There are many adjustments and improvements. Among other things, the Zepellin model was adapted and the runes were adapted.

Below you will find the complete patch notes.

Realm Royale – Early Access 13 – Mini-Patchnotes


  • Zeppelin
    • The Zeppelin model has been updated to better match the interior model.
    • “We’ve had great feedback from you after moving players to a Zeppelin interior at the start of the match. We wanted to build a new zeppelin exterior that was not only more consistent with the interior we built, but is also more cohesive with the visual themes of the realm world itself.”
  • Runes
    • Runes have undergone a visual update to make them more visually distinct from other loot items.
    • “Runes are a powerful addition to your equipment in a match, and we felt the presentation needed to match. While the Runes now have an improved visual update, they also now better represent the type of Rune. We hope this makes the experience of collecting Runes better while helping them stand out from normal loot.”
  • Chicken Nuggets
    • Nuggets have been removed from drops within the game and from quest rewards.
    • “We introduced the Chicken Nugget currency system as an experiment to test collecting a new type of currency in-match. We appreciate everyone who gave us feedback on this system! Now that we are moving into the Beta phase with a strong content pipeline on the horizon, we are discontinuing the use of Chicken Nuggets as a currency in Realm Royale in version 14 in January. However, these Nuggets will be available for use until then. When Chicken Nuggets are fully retired, we will be using a conversion rate that we will announce closer to the patch date in order to exchange them into Crowns.”


  • Loot Goblin
    • Improved UI feedback around Loot Goblins
      • There will be a text notification for nearby players when a Goblin is discovered.
      • Once a Goblin is discovered an icon will appear above their head for better visibility.
    • Weapons
      • Throwing Axe
        • Damage reduced by 3%
        • “The Throwing Axe is a powerful weapon that deals great chunks of damage, but it’s overall damage per second is actually low. This change will mean that in more cases it will take an extra shot to kill with the Throwing Axe. Having to throw an extra axe can make all the difference in a head-to-head fight.”
      • Venom Pistol
        • Damage reduced by 5%
        • “The Venom Pistol is strong right now, but has also been very weak in the past. We’re going to keep an eye on this weapon and gradually adjust it until it is in the right place.”

Written by: Carizma

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