Realm Royale: Early Access 10 Patch Notes

Realm Royale: Early Access 10 Patch Notes

The developers of “Realm Royale” released a new update a few days ago. Battel Pass 1 has ended, adjustments to the weapons and further improvements were added

More news, patch notes and guides can be found on our overview page realm royale about the game.


Early Access 10 – Patch Notes


  • Battle Pass 1: Primal Awakening has ended.
  • Weapons and abilities are now separate options inside the forge.
  • Weapons can now go into either weapon slot.
  • Movement abilities will now drop in the Common rarity.
  • Added new animations for turning while on a mount.
  • Sprays and emotes may now be used in the starter zeppelin.
  • Solo Queue has been enabled.
  • Squad Queue has been enabled for teams of up to 4 players.
  • Players will drop their equipped weapons and Abilities when they are eliminated.
  • Assault Rifle, Burst Rifle, and Submachine Gun have been removed from the game.
  • Normal chests have been removed from the game. All chests will now either be Magic chests or Potion chests.


  • Lowered the elevation of Jade Gardens to improve traversing.
  • Added big cacti, wagons, and termite mounds in the environment.

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