Realm Royale: New test patch brings weapons and balancing

Realm Royale: New test patch brings weapons and balancing

The popular new Battle Royale game Realm Royale has received a new “Weapons Test Patch” which is now available for testing on the test server.

On June 20, the developers released a new weapons test patch, which is available on the test server and can be downloaded via Steam.

The patch introduces a number of balance changes to classes and weapons, including a controversial Nerfs for the Mage class’s Stone Spear damage, an improvement in the Assassin’s sniper rifle bullet speed, and more.

In addition, three new weapons were introduced. These are called Firestorm Rifle, Thunderhot Carbine and Dragonbite Carbine and should bring more variety into play.

However, the patch does not focus solely on weapons, as it has implemented a variety of gameplay and audio customizations, as well as numerous bug fixes and a few new North American West servers.


Early Access 3 – Weapon Test Patch Notes


  • Engineer
    • Turret damage is based on rarity.
    • Fire Bomb no longer inflicts self damage.
  • Mage
    • Wall bug fixed to be available at all rarities.
    • Stone Spear damage reduced.
    • Fireball cooldown increased and projectile size reduced (previous hotfix).
  • Assassin
    • Sniper Rifle projectile speed improved.
  • Hunter
    • Longbow projectile improved.

General Weapons

  • All forged class legendary weapons are elemental.
  • Spirit weapons have been renamed to Lightning and received projectile updates.
  • New Weapon! Firestorm Rifle
    • Added to the game.
    • Full auto hitscan weapon.
  • New Weapon! Thundershot Carbine
    • Added to the game.
    • Single shot semi-auto hitscan weapon.
  • New Weapon! Dragonbite Carbine
    • Added to the game.
    • 3 shot burst hitscan weapon.
  • Crossbow
    • Improved projectile.
  • Shotgun
    • Accuracy increased.
    • Reworked damage falloff and damage per pellet.
  • Venom Pistol
    • Renamed from Poison Pistol.
    • Changed to hitscan.
    • Damage and rate of fire increase, accuracy reduced.
  • Revolver
    • Changed to hitscan.

Patch Highlights

  • North American West servers have been added.
  • The initial safe zone is now typically more centralized to the overall island.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera could quickly pop between two extreme positions when colliding with the world. Now the camera smoothly recovers if it collides with the world.
  • Reworked the legendary drop logic so that they cluster less.
  • Improved crouching hitbox for better hit detection.
  • Improved hitbox for players that are mounted for better hit detection.
  • Reduced weapon bloom when jumping.
  • Changed kill count system to give team based credit, instead of just last hit on chicken.
  • Ranking is now done per match type (Solo, Duo, Squad).
  • Players can now swap weapons while mounted.
  • Updated armory presentation.
  • Updated store redeem code presentation.
  • Ruins Manor area has been added in Northport/ North Ice Haven area.
  • Made various improvements to the terrain, especially around cliff areas.
  • Moved the Autumn Fields forge to a new location and replaced it with a new building.
  • Fixed a number of misplaced chests.
  • Added more chests to buildings that were previously empty.
  • Improved the lighting in the Forbidden Swamp.
  • Addressed a number of collision issues in various buildings.
  • Fixed some glitches where parts of the environment appeared to float.
  • Improved the visual quality of some buildings.
  • Added wind to trees.
  • Improved the town entrance gates.
  • Improved the visual quality of the sky.


  • Added new forging sounds to help players know that a forge is active.
  • Updated footstep audio to vary between surface materials.
  • Improved forge and skydive audio.
  • Improved audio cues for hitmarkers and damage alerts.
  • Added sound effects for using health and armor potions.
  • Added different sound effects for when you deal headshot damage, armor damage, and regular damage.
  • Added new sound effects for taking damage from Sniper Rifle.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where two items of different rarities could be equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players could become permanently stealthed.
  • Fixed bug with inventory keybind not saving.
  • Fixed bug with player carrying duplicate weapons.
  • Fixed bug where items on top of one another occluded pickup.
  • Fixed bug where shard count was displaying incorrect amount of shards.
  • Fixed various environment collision bugs.
  • Fixed bug where players could not see cooldowns replicated in spectator.
  • Fixed some animation glitches.
  • Fixed bug where Longbow reticle would not go away when mounted.
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes get stuck in the aiming state.
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes not hear weapon audio at far distances.
  • Fixed an issue where players could drop multiple Shield Potions.
  • Fixed an issue where killing players would sometimes drop their daggers as weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where during spectate, if player had a dagger, its icon would show as a sword.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revolver headshot sound would play twice.
  • Fixed an issue with items being stuck in consumable chests.

Written by: Carizma

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