Realm Royale: Patch Notes 1.32 – Gundown Showdown Update

Realm Royale: Patch Notes 1.32 – Gundown Showdown Update

Realm Royale Gundown Update is now available, we have all the details and patch notes 1.32 for you.

The update is now ready for download, you have to download and install around 3.5 GB.


Realm Royale Patch Notes 1.32


  • Guntown Point of Interest Updates
    • Rising from the sands, an imposing structure of crisscrossing wood presents new opportunities within the Realm
    • Expand the Next Frontier with a brand new multi-level Forge structure with branching bridges that connect the city, creating a maze of interesting encounters and exploration
  • Night Stalker Bundle
    • The Nightstalker Bundle features three brand new vampiric cosmetic items for 1500 Crowns!
      • Nightstalker Hunter
      • Sanguine Warbeast Mount
      • Count Bokula Chicken



  • Weapons
    • Sword
      • Damage reduced by 11%
    • Pistol
      • Damage increased by 10%
    • SMG
      • Damage increased by 10%
    • Burst Rifle
      • Damage increased by 10%
    • Assault Rifle
      • Damage increased by 10%
    • Longbow
      • Damage reduced by 6%
    • Throwing Axe
      • Damage reduced by 7%
    • LMG
      • Damage increased by 15%
    • The Gatekeeper
      • Damage increased by 15%
  • Abilities
    • Deploy Turret
      • Damage reduced by 10%
    • Ice Block
      • Ice Block now heals the player for 150/300/450/600 health over its duration
    • Soar
      • Fly speed reduced by 10%
    • Dodge Roll
      • Cooldown reduced by 4 seconds at all rarities
  • Runes
    • Chicken Revive Rune
      • Reduced Revive Time Reduction from 10s to 5s



  • Content Visibility Improvement
    • “Show off your superiority”
    • Titles and Avatars have become more visible for all players
    • Titles and Avatars can be seen while viewing the map screen for all party members
  • Fog Awareness Improvements
    • The Fog timer bar is now red and will flash when the timer is getting closer to running out for increased visibility
    • An icon representing the nearest point of the next fog circle has been added to the Compass at the top of the screen
    • A distance indicator has been added to the minimap showing the distance to the nearest point of the next fog circle
  • Additional HUD Improvements
    • Compass Visuals Updated
      • Improved visibility on directionality and cardinal directions that a player is facing
      • Teammates’ waypoints will now stick to the edge of the compass when outside FOV
    • Directional arrows for allies outside FOV
  • End of Match Screen Improvements
    • Better visual breakdown of XP gained
  • Audio Mix Pass
    • Audio mix adjustments have been made in the following areas:
      • Weapons
      • Environment
      • Dialogue (VOX + VGS)
      • Music
      • Skydives
      • User Interface
      • Mounts
      • Chickens
      • Emotes
      • Abilities
    • Additional adjustments will be made in future updates



  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where there were inconsistencies with actions that would break Stealth
    • Fixed an issue where shields would prevent “overkill” damage from affecting Health
    • Fixed an issue where players would have invisible lockout timers for enemy Runes
    • Fixed and issue where players using The Gatekeeper would experience slower movement speed while not firing
    • Fixed an issue where the Catapult would occasionally play its launching animation when a player enters relevancy of the Catapult
    • Fixed an issue where the Longbow would play the firing sound at the impact location
    • Fixed an issue where being resurrected after being eliminated while vaulting through a window would prevent the player from being able to Mount for the rest of the match
    • We have made a number of changes to the way the Blink ability functions.
  • UI
    • Added a “back” button on the Report Player Screen
    • Fixed an issue where Map Markers wouldn’t show in the purchase preview window
  • Environment
    • Fixed several lighting issues around the map
    • Fixed several chest spawn locations around the map
  • Misc
    • Fixed an issue where pressing enter on certain screens would crash the client
    • Fixed an issue where the animation for swapping the pistol would not play properly when switching from certain weapons

Written by: Carizma

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