Realm Royale – Patch Notes 1.34 Update OB19

Realm Royale – Patch Notes 1.34 Update OB19

Hi-Rez has released a new update for Realm Royale today, we have the full update Patch Notes 1.34 for the OB19 update.

The Client Patch 1.34 for Realm Royale is available for download and is 3.2 GB big on the PS4.


Realm Royale Patch Notes 1.34 / OB19 Update


  • New Ability
    • Soul Gust
      • “Send out a charging blast of magical energy that passes through walls and forces enemies back”
        • The Mage is getting a new ability to replace her Ice Wall ability
        • Soul Gust will damage enemies and apply a significant knockback
        • This ability can even travel through walls, rocks, trees, and bone! This is our first ability that won’t be stopped by pesky walls
      • Talent: Soul Gust will now apply a 3.5 second reveal on the hit enemy
  • Bass Drop Bundle
    • A new bundle is available in the Shop containing 5 cosmetic items
      • Technomancer Mage
      • Beat Boks Chicken
      • Neon Booster Mount
      • Bass Drop Skydive
      • Boosted Spray
  • Communication Wheel
    • Pressing the VGS button will now allow you to select more ways to communicate with friends and enemies while fighting your way to a Crown Royale
    • The three options are Chatter, Emote, and Tactical wheels respectively
      • Chatter – Filled with exclamations and general non-essential communication. Examples: Awesome!, Curses!, and Woohoo!
      • Emote – Filled with your selected Emotes and Sprays as well as the ability to Joke and Taunt
        • In the Armory you will be able to equip 3 Emotes and 3 Sprays to use while in a match
      • Tactical – Filled with more objective-centered commands. Examples: Ready to Forge!, Under Fire!, and Fog is Coming!
    • By default the C, V, and B Keys are bound to the new Communication Wheels
    • Gamepad players will be able to open the Emote Communication Wheel by pressing Left on the D-Pad, and make a selection by using the right thumb stick
    • Please note: All keybinds will be reset to default when this update goes live
  • Ping System
    • Added the ability to ping a point of interest, displaying a UI indicator to the player and their team for a short duration (10s)
      • By default, this is bound to middle mouse button for PC players
      • Gamepad players will access the ping system through the new Communication Wheel



  • Weapons
    • Stone Staff
      • Time between shots has been increased slightly
      • Base damage has been increased slightly
      • Accuracy has been slightly reduced
    • Longbow
      • Increased gravity drop off when bow is fully drawn
  • Environment
    • Jade Gardens Environmental Updates
      • Reduced some of the elevation in Jade Gardens to allow multiple paths to move around the point of interest
      • Added more objects and terrain to add more coverability in the region
      • Fixed the slope of several inclines to allow players to traverse up hills



  • The HUD now displays when a player enters a new region
  • A number of improvements have been made to hit registration on all platforms
  • Added the ability for players to scroll through Armory items with the mouse wheel
  • Improved Blink responsiveness and accuracy even further
  • Spectation
    • Fixed issue where Runes weren’t being shown properly when spectating
    • Players can now chat while spectating
    • Keybinds will now be hidden while spectating
    • Damage numbers will now consistently show up while spectating
    • Minimap will now update properly while spectating



  • Fixed several audio mix issues
  • Fixed an area in Jade Gardens where players could get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Legendary Ice Block would heal more than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot Goblin wouldn’t drop loot when killed
  • Fixed an issue where several ceilings in Gun Town had improper collision
  • Fixed an issue where the button to open the map on console wouldn’t toggle the map when pressed again
  • Fixed an issue where characters would occasionally T-pose when picking up a new weapon
  • Fixed an issue where crouching while vaulting through windows could put your character collision into a bad state
  • Addressed some issues with being able to see shadows through walls
    • Additional fixes will arrive with update 20

Written by: Carizma

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