Realm Royale – Patch Notes 1.35 Update OB20

Realm Royale – Patch Notes 1.35 Update OB20

Hi-Rez has released a new update for Realm Royale today, we have the full update Patch Notes 1.35 for the OB20 update.

The Client Patch 1.35 for Realm Royale is available for download and is 3.6 GB big on the PS4.


Realm Royale Patch Notes 1.35 / OB20 Update


  • The Eternal Conflict Battle Pass
    • A new Battle Pass has arrived in Realm Royale! Divine and infernal beings clash in the battlefield bringing new angel and demon cosmetics
    • Progress through 50 levels of unlockable content, featuring skins for each Class, two Chickens, and three Mounts
  • New Ability: Skull of Chaos
    • Throws a fiery skull that bounces off of enemies and the environment
    • New aggressive Class-neutral damage Ability
  • Play Screen Update
    • The Play screen has been entirely reworked
      • Select your Class for your next match
      • See your entire team’s character skins, or switch to a Chicken
      • Use your Emotes for you and your friends to see
      • Customize your Talents and cosmetics directly from the Play screen
    • Queue by clicking “Select Queue,” then selecting your preferred game mode. From the Play screen, you’ll then be able to click “Play” and dive in



  • Ranks have been reset for all queues
    • Ranks will be reset with each future Battle Pass
    • Beginning with the next Battle Pass (Battle Pass 5), a rewards system will be implemented based on players’ ranks
  • Balance
    • Proximity Trap
      • Activation time after deploying a mine has been reduced
    • Shredder
      • Shredders will no longer deal headshot damage
      • Time between each shot in a 3-round burst has been slightly reduced
    • Lifesteal Rune
      • Lifesteal bonus has been reduced from 30% to 15%
    • Armor Potions
      • Increased the drop rate for Armor Potions from potion chests
      • All players will drop at least 1 Armor Potion when they are eliminated, even if they had none in their inventory



  • Console players will now be able to invite other players by name on the Social tab, regardless of their platform
  • New Damage Number Display: Combined
    • Adds all damage dealt within a short period of time into one combined value
    • This setting can be changed in the Gameplay Options in the new Damage Number Type setting, which has the Combined type and the pre-existing Per Hit option
  • When dealing damage to players, Armor and Health values will now be separated from one another, giving a more clear indicator of how much damage was dealt to each



  • Further improvements to issues where shadows were visible through walls
  • Fixed an issue where players would not produce footsteps
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Gust would not go through Catapults
  • Addressed some issues of uneven terrain on the cliffs above Fungal Jungle
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tutorial to crash
  • Fixed some animation issues with certain emotes
  • Fixed some environmental issues with foliage appearing indoors
  • Fixed an issue where Proximity Trap would float in the air if it hit an enemy player
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally not see “Now Entering” text for all points of interest
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Fire Bomb to persist too long without exploding
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally show an opened chest as unopened to players
  • Fixed an issue where a small portion of window-vaulting audio would be audible for teammates regardless of distance
  • Fog damage will no longer bypass armor during an immunity effect and will properly damage armor first
  • Fixed an issue where a spectated player’s Runes would show Runes that the player does not have
  • Fixed an issue where the skydiving sound effect would get stuck on a resurrected player
  • Vaulting improvements
    • Fixed an issue where upon vaulting, the client would play the animation to go through the window, and then snap back.
    • Fixed an issue where upon vaulting, the client would not play the animation to go through the window, and then snap through it.
    • Fixed an issue where players who returned from being chickened while vaulting could get stuck in a weird physics state
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot Goblin would not drop loot when eliminated

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Aeron June 21, 2019 | Reply

    I was promised a bug fix to Healing Shout healing 0 when activating it on the Storm in this patch, guess not.

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