Red Dead Online: Launched in-game store – Further rewards for players confirmed

Red Dead Online: Launched in-game store – Further rewards for players confirmed

About the in-house Newswire called the developers of Rockstar Games more details on the beta of “Red Dead Online“.

As the studio announced, all players participating in the Beta for “Red Dead Online” can look forward to further rewards. Thus, all users who play or have played the beta of “Red Dead Online” between the end of November and December 20, 2018, enjoy 15 additional gold bars. The delivery of the gold bars is already started today, according to Rockstar Games.

Those of you who have purchased the Special Edition or the Ultimate Edition for “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be rewarded with additional RDO $. These should be credited to your account from the 21st of December. The following rewards will be distributed.

  • Owner of the Special Edition: 100 RDO $
  • Owner of Ultimate Edition: RDO $ 1,000
  • All Preorders: 100 RDO $ (in addition to the Ultimate and Special Edition gifts)


The in-game store is available now

In addition to announcing the new rewards, Rockstar Games announced that the in-game store on “Red Dead Online” will be available with immediate effect. In the said shop, gold bars can also be purchased in the future for real money. Should problems arise when purchasing, players should immediately contact Rockstar Games support.

In conclusion, those responsible point out that internal work is already being carried out on further updates on “Red Dead Online“. These are used to revise various aspects of the online mode, with the focus being on user feedback, according to official statements.

Source: Rockstar

Written by: Carizma

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