Red Dead Online: Money / Cash Glitch

Red Dead Online: Money / Cash Glitch

Dead animals are piled up in the trappers in Red Dead Online. This is due to a glitch that makes it easy for players to earn a lot of money.

Why are so many pumas spawning there? On Reddit players post screenshots from their online sessions. They noticed unusual stacks of dead animals at their local trapper. You ask other players what this is all about. Players explain that there is a way to easily make a lot of money with the pumas.

Earn money with the current Read Dead Online Glitch

This glitch is to blame: Players found that there is a glitch with animal carcasses. First you hunt and do a puma, preferably one with 3 stars. Then it goes with the dead animal on the horse to the shelter of the trapper. Players then park players with the animal on their backs at the trapper and go to a clothing store. After a few seconds the horse starts to paw and the carcass falls to the ground.

Calling his horse back to himself, it comes galloping on his back with a new Puma carcass. Players repeat that again and again and earn a lot of money. There are $ 13.50 per Puma.

As Kotaku reports, there are also other versions of the glitch that have to do with the passive mode glitch or speaking to the trapper.

Why is there this glitch? According to a reddit thread, the last update has made it possible to run this glitch. Something has changed with the way Red Dead Online deals with booty on horseback. A crazy mistake made it burned out in Red Dead Online burnt out boats.

Why do players do that? Many report that they want to take revenge on Rockstar. Because some players were annoyed that in an update, the profits of the hunt were halved.

One player writes on Reddit: “If Rockstar wants to fuck us, I’ll shit back.”

Glitch is controversial: In the community, the glitch is not celebrated by everyone. There are many players who complain that gamblers handle the economy with such a trick and get much more money. They give feedback to Rockstar Games that there is such a glitch and hope it will be fixed soon (via Reddit).

Is the glitch still active? Some players report that this glitch method has now been disabled by Rockstar. But others say that they continue to make money from it. So it’s unclear if and how it works.

In the community, however, it is expected that Rockstar will fix this glitch soon. After all, you earn so much money in the game. Whether the thrown money then remains with the players or is deleted by the developers is so far unclear.

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