Red Dead Online: Patch Notes 1.06 – New update released

Red Dead Online: Patch Notes 1.06 – New update released

As Rockstar had already announced, today the Update Version 1.06 has been released to Red Dead Online (Red Dead Redemption 2). The RDR2 update is now available for download and includes 2 GB.

Among other things, new weapons were added. B. D. & Co. bring the high quality Evans Repeater, a rifle with extra high capacity, on the market. The rare shotgun is D.D. Packenbush’s latest variation of the mighty double-barreled long gun, with a stylish, pale brass finish and artistically decorated shaft. Both weapons will be available in the Wheeler & Rawson catalog and at the local Weaponsmith.


Red Dead Online Patch Notes 1.06

So far, there is only the following patch information:

New Gameplay

  • Daily Challenges
  • Fool’s Gold
  • Target Races
  • Fishing Challenges
  • Showdown Modes

New Weapons

  • Rare Shotgun
  • Evans Repeater

New Clothing

New Emotes

World Enhancements

  • Updated Player Radar and Visibility
  • Easier Parley and Feuds
  • Enhanced Law and Bounty System

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