Red Dead Online: Trailer released for Patch 1.06

Red Dead Online: Trailer released for Patch 1.06

As previously announced, Rockstar today released the first major update for the beta of Red Dead Online. In addition to the details of the online part of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has revealed more details.

Rockstar today released the first big update for the beta of “Red Dead Online“, as developer studio announced some time ago. In keeping with today’s release of the new update, Rockstar executives are presenting a fresh trailer, which you’ll see later in the article.

Check out the summarized Patch Notes 1.06

The beta update extends the multiplayer options including new competitive gameplay, daily challenges and rewards. An improved Improved Law-Fighter and Bounty System, new free-roam events such as “Fool’s Gold”, three new showdown modes and finish races are also included in the update. Some content will be made available later.

With a recent message, Rockstar has also revealed more details about the new features and game content for the online mode of “Red Dead Redemption 2”. The details can be found below. An overview of the new features also gives you the following trailer:

Red Dead Online: First major beta update

The first big beta update for “Red Dead Online” brings new gameplay, new weapons and clothes, as well as revised balancing and a host of other player feedback enhancements. The details can be found below in the official overview, which Rockstar has made available today:

New gameplay

Earn gold nuggets and XP by completing daily challenges, a series of new and diverse tasks, from hiding animals to finding treasures, winning feuds, and more. Go to the player menu to see your seven daily changing challenges, each bringing you Gold Nuggets and XP. If you finish all seven, there is a bonus on top.

Starting next week you can compete with other teams and squads in the new Free Roam Event fool’s gold. Players fight for a golden armor. Kill the player who is currently carrying them to put on their armor themselves and earn points and turn the tide by collecting points from their opponent’s kills.

In the future there will be new game modes every week in the “Red Dead Online” beta. Test your skills as a rider on horseback in the final race, where you compete against other players on horseback to shoot targets as fast and accurate as possible. Skilled bow and arrow handling is an advantage, and you can use your horse’s weapon and stamina pickups wherever you can pick them up. But be sparing with your limited ammo when shooting at targets or enemies.

Take on angel challenges against your friends and rivals. Accept a challenge to get the right equipment and baits, head to the water’s edge and start catching up on the very thick chunks. To make it a little easier, you can use Eagle Eye to find a spot with lots of fish. Remember, in order to win you have to catch the highest total weight of fish you can either get by collecting a lot of small fish or working towards a big catch – so get whatever you can get.

Also available soon: three new showdown modes where players and teams try to collect and deliver bags, steal and survive each other’s loot. Stay tuned for more details on Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Junk. With the new showdown modes also comes the “Featured Series” tag – go to the appropriate post or start the presented series from the Quick Access menu to play the latest modes.

New weapons

The rare rifle is a masterfully decorated version of the mighty, double-barreled long weapon made of pale brass and available from today. Make sure you also secure the soon to be available Evans repeating rifle – a high-quality high-capacity rifle that is devastating in the middle and long distance. Both weapons will be available through the Wheeler & Rawson catalog and at local armories.

New clothing

Treat yourself to a whole range of new outfits, boots, coats, gloves, hats, vests and more. In addition to the clothes, which are available for purchase anytime, you can find limited time available products in stores and in the catalog that come and go every week.

New emotes

Get ready for a new set of emotes with reactions, greetings and mocking gestures. As with all emotes, you can press once for a normal gesture and double-press for a slightly exaggerated version. You can find the new emotes in the Wheeler & Rawson catalog. Then you can add them to the Emote Wheel via the Emote menu.

Improvements to the game world

Improved Player Marking and Visibility: We have reduced the visibility of player markers over long distances so that your whereabouts are only visible to other players when you are nearby – this reduces the likelihood of being the target of more aggressive players on the map , The voice chat is also limited to the surrounding area and no longer works with players across the map. Overly aggressive players appear on the map with an increasingly diminishing mark. As your playing style becomes more hostile, your position on the map (and that of your squad members) will become darker and more visible from a distance.

Easier Negotiation and Feuds: Conflicts with other players in time-based mini-death matches with feuds that can now be triggered after a single kill against a rival and his squad. Or make a temporary deal by negotiating with your rival, which is also possible after a kill.

Improved Law-Fighting and Bounty System: If you’ve had enough trouble to get high bounty, you’ll increase the likelihood of a group of NPC bounty hunters hunting for you. The higher the bounty, the more obstinate your pursuers will be … so be on the alert!

In addition to the new content, new weekly bonuses await you, such as this week’s Care Package, which will help you with daily challenges and other adventures in the five states. Play the “Red Dead Online” beta anytime before March 5 to receive a free delivery of goods in your warehouse or post office, including:

  • 2x strong snake oil
  • 2x strong stomach bitter
  • 2x strong miracle tonic
  • 2x horse ringer
  • 2x strong horse stimulant
  • 8x poison arrows
  • 10x explosive shotgun bullet


PS4 Early Access content

As of today, Playstation 4 players will receive Early Access to the Jaw Bone Knife, a unique melee weapon with a handle made from the remnants of a killed animal’s jaw, as well as a range of new garments and three new emotes. In the coming weeks, Playstation 4 players will have access to a special series that will allow them to participate directly in the latest Early Access modes, from open target races competing against each other in an open field to most of their goals Horse out to meet.

Every week, keep an eye out for new content, bonuses, time-limited clothing, and more in the Red Dead Online Beta, and look forward to more updates as we continue to improve and expand the world of Red Dead Online.

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