Red Dead Online Update 1.21 – Patch Notes on August 10th

Red Dead Online Update 1.21 – Patch Notes on August 10th

Rockstar and the responsible developers released a new Red Dead Online update today, we have all the information about this update patch on August 10th.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Update 1.21 is now available for download on all platforms. All in all you only have to download a few MB, it just seems to be a small hotfix.


Red Dead Redepmtion Update 1.21 Patch Notes

  • Generell stability and Security fixes.

Written by: Carizma

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  1. patrick barker August 14, 2020 | Reply

    there’s also problems in the story mode, cant get a 3 star animal of any kind everything you shoot is a 1 or 2 star, i had 5 non 3 star cougars in a row. And yesterday (13/08/2020) i interrupted an O’Driscoll train robbery and when looting the carridges started falling through the air like the Micheal mission in gta v, and then respawned in the middle of the desert miles from my horse. All this is with the new update installed on the morning of the 13/08/2020 so the update for online has messed up story mode

  2. SandyJB August 13, 2020 | Reply

    They didn’t fixed anything, just did a rollback with the same bugs before the 1.21 “update” 🙁

  3. Dominic August 13, 2020 | Reply

    New patch 1.22 its the same size as 1.21 ive just loaded into my camp so hopefully its fixed will be playing now if its not fixed i will let you all know fingers cross

  4. Sheen August 13, 2020 | Reply

    Still can’t “buy” the Butcher’s Table in PS4 month #4 without being able to do Trader/Moonshiner

  5. Ken August 12, 2020 | Reply

    Can’t do jack shit now. No animals, no NPCs, unable to pitch camp, can’t call wagons, horse disappears and reappears constantly, etc., etc. Not sure what you tried to do with this patch but it has fucked the game to the worst degree that it has been fucked by all of the previous updates combined. WTF is going on? Why are you neglecting this game so much while going all out to make GTAV additions? This game has been out for at least 2 years now and right now it is totally unplayable. I feel like you guys have just decided to give a big FUCK YOU to all RDR2 players.

  6. gorgeoussolid53 August 12, 2020 | Reply

    congatulations rockstar is at a table and got back up again amazing stuff whats next cant wait rdr2 on line

  7. Mike August 12, 2020 | Reply

    The game was great for me the first day of the update but the past two days I can’t do anything at all. No animals, can’t do bounties, no camp or horse, disconnects. Fix this game!

  8. jamie August 12, 2020 | Reply

    losr money please fix bug

  9. luke August 12, 2020 | Reply

    cannot do anything no camp no moonshine nothing lost lots of money had fast travel too money and would go blue sctreen’

  10. jamie August 12, 2020 | Reply

    cannot do anything no camp no moonshine nothing lost lots of money had alnost 3000 now gave 177 and fast travel too money and would go blue sctreen’

  11. Dominic August 12, 2020 | Reply

    To get your camp to spawn go in to free roam you will have to ride there but at least you can do a couple of todays challenges eat camp stew and change camp theme

  12. Dominic August 12, 2020 | Reply

    Ok we all know the game is broken but i have to ask is there anyone not having massive issues when playing i ask this because i just went on about a hour ago and this is what get me is there putting up new daily challenges that you will probably never be able to do even ones that before patch you could do no problem like today eat 3 camp stews lol yes i can do that no problem? No i cant ive no camp so why is rockstar still putting challenges on at all

  13. Everwatch August 12, 2020 | Reply

    Well what a mess.
    Let me start by saying I used to love the online part of this game apart from the kids who just want to mess with everybody lol, but recently and just after I paid for the outlaw pass things went really wrong.

    The world not being populated, the constant disconnects and so much more, its getting hard to do my collector tasks as i get near to want i want and then BAM disconnected, but its not just all that its the fact of all the lost ingredients and money if you fast travel, make a special stew in the cook pot BAM disconnected, come back and your back to basic stew with all your previous ingredients gone.

    Fast travel somewhere and pay your 6 bucks, BAM disconnected, money gone and come back in nowhere near where you paid to be.

    Also my collectors lantern for my horse has gone and it says i need to pay for another one, what’s that about unless there is something i have missed there, i will take a look if i get to stay on long enough without a disconnect again.

    Rockstar, great game but not even up to indie game standards at the moment and i have a few suggestions that will help for when the game gets fixed (if you decide to fix it.)

    1st: Extend the outlaw pass to give people the chance to level it out to max.
    2nd: Free fast travel tokens for everyone that tried to play during this time.
    3rd: A large ingredients parcel with meat and herbs in it.

    That would certainly go a long way as a sorry for some of us.

    Please listen to the community and help us to help you and lets make this game great again.

    P.S Dedicated servers Please! Please! Please!

  14. Accussed August 12, 2020 | Reply

    Guys please log on and do 1 daily challenge because Rockstar will not compensate us at all.

  15. CursedWars18 August 12, 2020 | Reply

    So I’m level 54 I bought the outlaw pass yesterday in order to get the benefits of the leveling up but it only gave the benefits through rank 4 if this doesn’t get fixed by the time the outlaw pass gets fixed can the players who have rdr2 and are struggling with the same issues as me get a refund on their gold they bought to purchase the outlaw pass or have an extension in how long the outlaw pass is supposed to go? I’ve seen other issues such as crashing, animals not spawning, and not being able to talk to NPCs but again I purchased the outlaw pass expecting to get all the benefits from leveling up but I didn’t get all of them due to the update. If you read this thank you and thank you for working your best to fix it.

  16. Keith R Gilbert August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Yeah I play this game generally every night and this s*** piss me off man. Like I was trying to get that stupid alligator thing that they have so I kept wasting the $20 pheromones before I realized oh wait the game is. but they’re still charge and stable fees while I’m on there roaming around. That’s b******* it’s really disappointing I’ll just say that cuz I play this game every day and then I can’t even do that anymore. I don’t have much of a life I know that damn man how do you f*** this up so bad

  17. Granny August 11, 2020 | Reply

    The game isn’t playable…I can run all over but have no horse, the townspeople are frozen in place; the horses pulling the wagons aren’t moving even though their legs are moving. Can NOT do anything in this f***kin’ game.
    Went to the barber in Valentine and couldn’t leave the saloon when I was done.

  18. Dan August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Don’t they use source control? Roll back the update, I’ll take the pile of shit I had over the this steaming pile of shit! Maybe, you should pay us for testing your game.

  19. Veytia August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Damn Rockstar, how tu fb f you suppose us to keep playing if this patch just fucked up the entire game, you know we play this Galen cause it’s a masterpiece but damn, this update just messed everything up, no animals, no missions not even NPCs and now u release new legendaries? Better get ur shit together or a lot of loyal players will end up leaving, the game was awesome before this stupid patch, now it only crashes and if I get into a lobby it’ll crash 5 minutes after

  20. Dominic August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Why hasn’t rockstar just reverted back to the software before the update problem solved

  21. Alred August 11, 2020 | Reply

    would be nice to be able to play a game we paid for, and paid for the online connection to play online. Fix your Fkups R*!!!!

  22. Joe August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Finally got on camp won’t spawn in can’t enter moonshine shack 3 days of server error then PS4 crash constantly. When the northern pike glitch got you free money fixed in 24 hours but a glitch that doesn’t affect their bottom line they say f/&k you. It’s all bs. I love this game and have played online and campaign 9 play throughs. Just spent all my money on buying the outlaw pass and new role. Can’t progress through either. What a let down. Screw you Rock star. You bunch of whores. All you care about is money. Well that comes from loyal customers and you just lost 1. ?

  23. Lee August 11, 2020 | Reply

    With the new update we got the time limited Outlaw pass which people have spent their hard earned money on buying. Now they can’t even begin to work their way through the 80 ranks of it. Fortunately for me I managed to get to rank 80 before the clusterfuck dropped, but other people will not have and at the very least R* should put back the expiry date of the Outlaw pass.

  24. Shanhoon August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Why oh why did I fall in love with another online shitfest, nothing works anymore, no animals, no NPC’s, riderless cartridges? Cant shoot shit, cant do shit or even start bounties. Goal streak gone to shit ggrrr cheers RS great job.

  25. The_BATMAN_5150 August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Since the update on August 10th…. Black screened out constantly, another rockstar fuck up? Get this shit fixed! Or I’m going back to playing pong.I think the security that they uploaded here was to make sure that no one who plays it every day or constantly will be able to even login, and everything in the game is broken, the boy etc. it’s a rockstar it’s time to get your act together and remove this crap. Return it to the way it was before or you’re gonna lose a lot of players. I’ve been a loyal player for almost 3 years and this is gonna be the final blow.

  26. Hoodwinkler August 11, 2020 | Reply

    F^%@ You R*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RobBong August 12, 2020 | Reply

      I play all of R* games gta, Rd1 and 2 this is by far the worst shit I have ever dealt with. I’m spending money on gold for outlaw pass I can’t even use. I’m almost to the point where I will put this game down for good. Rockstar you guys need to figure this shit out soon or you will lose a ton of loyal customers.

  27. Deedrah August 11, 2020 | Reply

    like WTF everything was fine and now you bring out another patch and everything is fucked up again? djeezes rockstar get it right!!!!

  28. Drew August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Never had blue screen crashes until yesterday, now that’s all I get. Was luckily able to get in finally, went from San Denis to Colter for the daily, crashed as soon as I arrived in Colter. Haven’t been able to get in today to see if it registered.

    • Whiskey August 11, 2020 | Reply

      No horse, no guns, and my 1year plus daily challenge back to day one.

  29. wren August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Game is 100% broken with 1.21. Can’t free roam, can’t join anything. When it crashes I wind up on the entry screen and frozen.

    How does a “small security patch” cause this much destruction? Have not been able to play since it installed.

  30. cc August 11, 2020 | Reply

    get on for 45 seconds then kicks me back to xbox home screen what a bunch of horse s*** if you are going to update game make sure f***ing update works before you screw people that pay you our hard earned money

  31. Seth Dinges August 11, 2020 | Reply

    now when I get an error and get sent to the the online menu, I can’t even use my controller, the game just completely freezes

  32. Seth Dinges August 11, 2020 | Reply

    The new update keeps crashing my PS4 , I’ve never had this happen before, Rockstar always finds a way to pass me off

  33. Laura August 11, 2020 | Reply

    you guys need to calm down and quit thinking this is more than it is.
    Updates come with unforseen bugs. Updates to online platforms can be more unpredictable. They’ll fix it. Join free roam, do a daily challenge and corrector maps and give it a few days.
    Rock star isn’t trying to f*ck you.

    • Clam August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Red dead 2 is like its name Dead. Always bugs glitches and other BS. Booted every chance you get. Its BS. GTA5 gets all the attention while RD2 sucks ass and die. Hell with Rockstar. Cyberpunk comes out Rockstar can kiss our ass

    • ben marston August 11, 2020 | Reply

      the game is not playable. Try playing ping pong with no table, no other player, no bats and no bal. The one daily challenge I made was to get a hair cut!l

    • wren August 11, 2020 | Reply

      have you tried? can’t free roam, can’t do challenges, can’t join. I wound up in some weird limbo with no other players and the animals don’t seem to really exist, I can’t sight on them. try to join anything and it crashes hard (only the PS button works and you have to kill it). Really mind boggling amount of damage done here.

    • Calen Linson August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Cant do any of that buddy ol pal.. your optimism is nonsense

    • Laura is not smart August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Hey Laura,

      This shit has been going on for ages, Maybe if you played the game you would know this. They recently released the new patch with the naturalist role which was supposed to completely remove major bug glitches. and guess what missy, it fucking did. That was until they released that new update which fucked up the game harder than ever. So next time you tell people to calm down remember that this shit has been goin on since 2018

    • Mike August 12, 2020 | Reply

      Sounds like you work for Rock Star

  34. cindy August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Was just getting into the game then the hot fix came through…… my whole group can not play as a posse . No animals to hunt, players are glitching on screen, wagon and horses have no riders. However at least I am not the only one, as I read through everyone’s notes here and on reddit. Just really sad since I just bought the game. What a waste of money!!!!!!

  35. Cody August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I am totally fed up with rdr2 online and all the bugs. I cant do anything but walk around without a horse. Today August 13th 2020 is the worst i have ever seen.

  36. Brent August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Nothing works anymore After the update

  37. Tyson August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I suppose im glad to see im not the only one. It completely made the game un playable. Nothing spawns, cant join matches and it will freeze up majority of the time. How did they mess it up to this degree. They really cant handle online platforms. They should be embarrassed.

    • Chode August 11, 2020 | Reply

      I saw buggies without drivers, zero animals, only the butcher. Was frozen in the stables too. No camp. I saw 1 player, i couldn’t aim at him so, I manually lassoed him. He wouldn’t die… after several minutes of being dragged. Total Cluster-F. It seems the B-Team is working on RDR2.

  38. William Munie August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Well I was drinking n’all , I wanted to kill me good some moonshiners. Then I crash, cannot even do me a bounty anymore. Had to shoot saloon owner has he decorated his saloon with ma dead friend. Or was that little Bill’s, cant mind anymore

    • Mike August 12, 2020 | Reply

      Illiterate much

  39. sina August 11, 2020 | Reply

    no animal can’t setup camp can’t go to my shack can’t start a stranger mission or bounty so basically nothing I can do

  40. Janie August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Another developer turning their backs on the fans putting profit before loyalty sad rockstar sad

  41. Matt August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I can’t even start a RDO lobby. Once i spawn i immediately get an error and get kicked back in the main menu unable to do anything apart from quitting the game. Rockstar, you pieces of shit, stop focusing on that 7 year old game just for the cash! Ffs i don’t even want another GTA if this is how you treat new games! Ignoring them just for the easy money. You like shark cards eh???? (PS4)

  42. Janie August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Is it server issues or is it the program Rock star surely you can’t think this is the way you treat your followers.I was once huge fan of rockstar but your turning your back on us just like most developers

    • Sarah August 11, 2020 | Reply

      its the program. For example, the blue screen ps4 players get is because of an underlying program issue which essentially makes it unplayable. Every time you go to activate one of the games features it hits you with that blue screen. That’s because R* F*cked up and doesn’t want to admit it because they know we’re pissed but they want us to play their cash cow game GTA5 (which, in my opinion, isn’t that good but of course I’m kinda biased). I tried messaging R* support and said to just clear your cache (i did everything from clearing cache to restarting and deleting the application) they don’t care about us and they’d rather have the dude from accounting fix the program. Anywho, R* is a prime example of the c ommon gamers enemy, much like gamestop!

      • Dominic August 11, 2020 | Reply

        Totaly agree Sarah about gtav being there cash cow this update was design to break the game gtav has had a update today and it playing fine

  43. John August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Installed update 1.21,now nothing bloody works.No horse, no camp, no weapons, nothing.Biggest balls-up of a game I’ve ever bought.

  44. Karrar August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Who agrees with me that when rock star fixes rdr2 online they should reward everyone with something of value, like the garment of sun gator.

  45. Kevin August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Please fix read dead u money hungry cunts

  46. Faolonhawk August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I really enjoy this game but if this is a rockstar Tresa’s players I will never buy another rockstar game in my entire life I spent a good deal of money on this game in the first part of it I won’t do that ever again with rockstar also rockstar has broken the game I can’t even get on a 220 day streak gone because I can’t even get into the game to play the glitches were bad the disconnects were bad but now I can’t even log on at all and get it to play it tells me I’m logging on and then it tells me I am not logging on fix the damn game

    • Chewepooz August 11, 2020 | Reply

      you are right, mate. But, bloody Hell, use punctuation marks. Impossible to read…

  47. FTC-SirLancealot August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I have been playing this game since about beta days I’m almost a lvl 400 and highly loyal please fix Red Dead we need better servers where people aren’t disconnecting it’s ruining it for a lot of people and all these glitches come on we’ve been more than patient been waiting damn near two years for a fix and this last patch has completely broken the game to HELL with GTA what about our COMMUNITY!!!!! Don’t we deserve to rise? I feel your over looking us ROCK STAR.

  48. ProudLLama August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Whatever happened to testing before releasing? A billion dollar company would surely have the resources. This seems too extreme to be a misstake. Maybe they just want RDRO to die?

  49. Aleister August 11, 2020 | Reply

    After installing the patch about 3 GB on my Xbox, can’t start bounties after accepting them, no NPCs except for vendors, every player I pass by is running forward frozen still, and my screen froze and went back to my home menu four times in a row leading to wasting my cash after fast travel. It’s been a strong concern until I heard everybody just today is having the same/similar issue.

    P.S. I’m new to Collector’s role, but wildflowers for example, don’t radiate tall strong-yellow sprites when activating Eagle Eye. Is that supposed to happen?

  50. Dominic August 11, 2020 | Reply

    To add to my comment yesterday i just thought i add for such a small update its done a lot of damage i just went on about 10 minutes ago managed to do 1 challenge eat fresh food 5 times before it crashed any other challenge was out of the question here a thought how do you kill a game that your sick of doing updates for as well as content ie hideous clothes items and game play and not making extra income from a game that has very little new to buy i know lets kill it with a tiny update is this rdr2 Trojan horse i hope not if it this update was partly for security is that not just the pc version due to all the modders and the like

  51. Matteo Miller August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Me and my friend have been grinding in the game for the past few days and ever since we installed this patch every NPC is unlivable to shoot then after that they don’t load. Other plays don’t load as well. Honestly the game was working fine yesterday but now it is shit.

  52. PJR August 11, 2020 | Reply

    thought id start playing again .lol carnt shoot anything wen do find it .yeah time to stop again

  53. Cedric August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I wanted to complain, but everybody else did already for me.#FIXTHIS
    Never had a problem with crashing and after the new role update I was delighted that animals were spawning again. But now, nothing works anymore.

  54. Rich August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Camp keeps disappearing. No animals or other players online. Was going to reinstall Game but will wait until they sort this shit out. Hope my saved file is good.

  55. T mal9 August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Please fix. Just spent real money to get everything and now can’t play. This needs to be fixed now!!!

  56. Shell Shock August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Brahhhhhhhh, WTF? Horse won’t come, bounty board won’t let you do bounty’s, Do Not try fast travels, it’s 10 from St Denis to tumble weed! Or whatever tf it is, tried it 3 times and all blue screens! -$30! Excepted 3 mission from a stranger, nothing shows up. Mind you I’ve only been playing this game for about 2weeks. Yesterday everything was ok, today it’s worthless after the update!!!! Rockstar needs to atlease send $150 to people’s online account!!! This is BS!!!

    • lildaisies August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Exactly the same issues. If not more… Other players on the map will remain frozen in place. Random horses and other animals with be running into walls. Can’t accept posse invites. Can’t join a friends session or invite them to yours. Won’t accept stranger missions or bounties. I’ve used several fast travel tickets only for it to fail, crashing the game. The stables won’t let me leave ultimately causing me to restart the application. I have to go to the stables because my horse won’t come when I call for it. Game continuously kicks me out of the session if not completely crashing the application. I would suggest contacting Rockstar support. If they get contacted enough with the same problems, the sooner they’ll work on fixing it. Remember not to stress though, it’s a great game and they will get around to fixing it. But I do highly suggest bringing it to their attention through their support page.

  57. Tamwbg August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Everyone who logs in from the time of the patch, until they time they fix the patch. Should be awarded with fully complete challenges each day they log in and have full refunds on camp costs etc.

    Recently returned to the game and was loving it, unt yesterday.

  58. Ben August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Rockstar obviously don’t care about rdr2 online and haven’t done since release. They’ve had months with no major content and months to check for glitches and bugs but instead they were too busy adding cars to gta v and making gta v next gen. The update was supposed to provide general stability but since then my camp has never loaded in, when I try to enter my moonshine shack the game crashes, my horse doesn’t appear half the time, bounty boards just freeze the game and I still randomly disconnect. If new players read this do not bother trying rdr2 online as rockstar only about the spoilt 9 year olds on gta v who buy shark cards everyday to get the useless stuff they add.

    • Steve August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Your save is in rockstar I deleted all my save files offline and online and didn’t lose my charachter unfortunately nothing changed still fucked

  59. Red dead is shit August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Holy fuck its now like gta absolutely unplayable nice shit Rockstar

  60. Karrar August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Does anybody know when will RockStar going to fix their fix that messed up everything in the game?

  61. Lee Westworld Golf August 11, 2020 | Reply

    So, I’m new, only 4 days into this game, loving it, great western game, shitty money system, it’s missing some things, but whatever, right.

    I finally start seeing some progress from the ridiculously slow grind (in a world where I’m paid $15 for a perfect bounty, but a hat costs $500 million and I need to be level 40,000 to buy it) and then yeah, no more bounty nothing. Just glitches up the ass and constantly kicked out.

    Can’t call or get on horse, ghost world, no aiming or effect of shooting to npc’s or me, you know, all that.

    Tried everything to get around it from clearing cache, to starting in different areas, blah, blah. It’s definitely not my PS4 or my internet connection, yes it’s painfully obvious to us all but this patch is a massive, MASSIVE, failure.

    I’ve been playing video games for 40+ years and I have NEVER seen a game this badly broken as Rockstar’s Red Dead Online is today. WOW! What a ripoff with all the rigged, pay to win shit, I won’t support that, but as it is at this moment, the entire game is a horrendous pile of steaming frustration.

    What a waste. Aside from the griefer toddlers, the greedy in game economy, and an occasional glitch, it was great! I hope they fire the morons responsible for this “patch” and fix literally EVERYTHING pronto, or I’ll be shunning these Rockstar boobs for eternity, and yes, I’m the kind who’ll actually do it.

    • Archibald August 11, 2020 | Reply

      No, you’re not. If you’ve played games for 40+ years, then you should have seen worse. Also, you’ve played for 4 days? What a hardcore gamer to be this late to this huge of a game. You’re whining about something you’ve had issues with once, after just four days. For a game you probably got secondhand anyway. Shush now, let the grown ups talk.

  62. mrfaade August 11, 2020 | Reply

    YO i’m tryna fucken play with my friend after MONTHS of waiting for a new outlaw pass and some updates. Come back to not being able to join my friend, or enter moonshine shack. $60 down the drain

    • Chewepooz August 11, 2020 | Reply

      I mean, you paid for Single Story mode. Online was a bonus from the very beginning.

  63. LadyFreya83 August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Nothing but glitched NPC’s, no animals, getting booted every minute and no camp. The game is worse now than it was.

  64. MDR August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Game crashes constantly update just messed everything up

    • MDR August 11, 2020 | Reply

      I also can’t lock on to some animals and I cant kill some animals because the cross air goes grey like there protected it makes no sense

  65. Rancie August 11, 2020 | Reply

    How about fixing your shit. I can’t even stay connected for more than a minute. Waiting on the next update so I can hopefully play again.

  66. Wasted Gold Bars August 11, 2020 | Reply

    I booted into a barren land. No (absolutely zero) animals. My horse could not be interacted with. Wagons driving themselves. No camp. However, the FEES for stable and camp were still being deducted!

  67. ted144 August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Well logged on to no camp, 1 buck deer which butted me over a cliff. But like everyone else game is screwed up, seems you all would consider the loyal rdr2 players. But I guess $ are better than having loyal players.

  68. Tristan Helmick August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Basically the same stuff everyone else has gone through, I recently got back into the game and been playing hella the last week or so and saw the update this morning and was excited and everything was fine for about an hour or so then my game crashed after about 5-10 minutes of play in story or online, can’t look at the bounty board, can’t shoot anyone. Can’t set a camp or even see mine on the map. Can’t accept missions let alone call my horse. I don’t know what you guys did in this recent update but can you please undo it because I’d like to actually to do missions not just run around wasting resources.

  69. Armin August 11, 2020 | Reply

    Rockstar hired bunch of idiots they can’t fix shit

  70. joseph August 11, 2020 | Reply

    fix the collectables please its set on random its 90% junk its annoying fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix fix it fix it fix im sorry a small little message is likely to not get attention and I know his wont get attention but I was just hopeful

  71. Jada August 11, 2020 | Reply

    No NPC’s, All other online players are apparently underground, no red dot when aiming at anything, horse wont come when called, finding random online players horses discarded without owners just standing in the streets..! No camp but was notified when materials were needed.?!?! The game is now %100 completely unplayable.

  72. Grace August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Absolutely broke the game as far as doing anything with roles the horses normally now won’t come to a whistle, I got stuck in the stables, no animals other than rare occasion in lobbies not a helpful update

  73. riley August 10, 2020 | Reply

    no npcs like how can u mess that up ffc

  74. User69 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I’m not here to whine and moan. I just want to say dam all of you sound like some goddamn babies complaining about a temporary online issue.

    Play story mode for a couple days until they fix it. It’s the same shit

    • Eff_User69 August 11, 2020 | Reply

      1. We pay to be able to use online services.
      2. We paid to get the game in the first place
      3. Rockstar is taking people’s money for extras and in game purchases that can’t even be used.

      Bottom line, if you went to a store and bought a pop for a dollar and then the cashier says “here you go sir, you just aren’t allowed to open it, drink it, or use it the way it was intended.”, you would lose your mind…

      Except this issue has been ongoing for months and has only gotten worse. Everyone here complaining is completely justified.

  75. AngryNerd August 10, 2020 | Reply

    As I write this I have been stuck on a loading screen for 20 minutes. I was on my way to sell Cripps weird animal concoction. I am scared if I restart the game I will lose both the money from the sale and the product.

  76. Hayden August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Found 1 animal after an hour of looking and couldn’t even shoot it, but at least I haven’t been disconnected yet wtf rockstar better quality control on your updates would be great

  77. x420xRageBomber August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Totally broke the game!! 6 blue sceens in 25 minutes. Have cleared cache, still no luck. No animals, camp disappearing, horse don’t come… NOTHING WORKS!

  78. CakeEGoodness August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Oof. I get games “journalism” is trash tier, but come on; it’s spelled GENERAL not GENERELL & not a single patch note was shared in this “story/article.” Rockstar apparently doesn’t care that their servers are garbage & are more interested in virtue signaling on Twitter & siphoning out wallets than making this game playable. They fouled up by focusing on turning this into some sort of loot crate/battle royale nightmare w/ pay to play RDO when they could also get money for story mode DLC. I guess when Dan Houser left, the soul of RS was gone & replaced by money hungry parasites. They need to wear the cone of shame.

  79. E rod August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Well this is a nice update. I can’t play missions, no story missions or any missions at all. I can’t look for bounties cuz the bounty board doesn’t work which I spent 15 fuckin gold bars on. My camp doesn’t Mark on the map anywhere so I can’t do any trader missions which I also spent 15 fuckin bars on. No animals appear anywhere so I can’t do anything with that. Can’t shoot a fuckin thing. I do have a male horse, so I guess the only thing available to do is ride and adjust the camera so I can see his nuts flop as he gallops along. Oh and you can also still see shit flop from his asshole. Other than that, that’s it. Horse patties and nutsacks. What an online experience. Great job rockstar.

    • Steve August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Lol you got me cracking up over here Erod wanna thank you after this mess I needed that comment

    • Sarah August 11, 2020 | Reply

      guess we get to be real cowpokes now. Real cowpokes in a super fucked universe but still. All we can literally do and it still drops us eventhough. AND many of us have dumped a bunch of money into a game we saw greatness in, so much potential.

  80. Ron_dog05 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Can’t set up a camp, all npcs show as allies (can’t target them) same for all animals, was having fun last night and now it’s un playable :/

  81. tom August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Anyone else’s bounty boards not working? Cause that’s the first thing on my list, and believe me, it’s a long list.

  82. Xanjiax August 10, 2020 | Reply

    They fixed the game so instead of being to play about 20mins before you dc, you just can’t play at all!

  83. Devin August 10, 2020 | Reply

    My wife and I love this game but ever since the Naturalist update it seems to be one problem after another. I thought today’s update would fix all this but no it made it worse. We can’t even join each others sessions to play together, I haven’t seen an animal, I keep getting locked out of my moonshine shack which I have a delivery waiting. I even noticed npcs glitching all over the place. Wtf is going on Rockstar??? It’s like you guys focus to fix one problem and create 20 others. I’ve worked hard and put money out of my own pocket into this game and can’t even enjoy it. Plz get it together.

  84. Lars August 10, 2020 | Reply

    No animals in free roam. Keep getting kicked out when accepting a mission or bounty. No friends can join session or make a posse. This new update just messed everything online. Oh and no NPC in towns or people. They are invisible. Please make it fast and fix it.

  85. Tone August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Ever since the (new) 1.21 update the game is totally broke no animals or if you do happen to one you cant shoot it my horse was invisible no camp atall cant even get it to spawn amongst other horrible things too you cant do nothing but pick herbs ffs. Rockstar you need to patch this before tommorws (new) benefits.

  86. Mikki August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Great new update. I really enjoyed watching 2 carts repeatedly crash and fly in the air randomly. And also love how I have no camp ?

  87. Jojodapyro August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Worked ok for a few hours this morning. Then junk. Can’t play now. Let’s see how long it takes Rockstar to fix this pile. I had 14 days straight yesterday, hopefully I can finish a daily today and not lose my streak.

  88. Wolfmansmasher41 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Please fix ,since update cannot shoot mpc players ,cannot lasso any mpc players. Games literally is worse .you added more roles to game .why can’t you fix some things first like fix the glitches and fix problems doesn’t work and not add extra things to game .before you do an update test it first to see if it works.another thing you people must have some non tech savvy people working for you. You are losing customers and you seem to not care, bout only selling gold bars .please try to fix the game

  89. NinjaGecko August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Gun sight reticle no longer shows red when aiming at prey or persons, no wild animals in free roam, game crashes about every five minutes or so – losing lots of progress on missions as a result! If this was Rockstar’s attempt to fix the previous bugs then they really screwed the pooch this time!

  90. Jennifer August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Made it so much worse! No animals in free roam and can’t setup up camp, plus keep getting disconnected!

    • Bryant August 11, 2020 | Reply

      yes, and I can’t even shoot someone, it won’t do auto aim, and it won’t go red when I point on someone.

  91. E W August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Camp didnt show up
    Butcher table menu still missing

    • Eamonn August 11, 2020 | Reply

      LITERALLY MADE IT 3000 times worse I hope they fix this by tmrw if not the next few days. My friend and I just got back into red dead

  92. bri August 10, 2020 | Reply

    pretty accurate to everyone elses’ experiences; can’t call horse, able to pitch camp but it kept disappearing/cripps just dipped, glitching npc horses, ghost carriages, no animals & game crashed 5x within like an hour?

  93. Gonzo August 10, 2020 | Reply

    well, I was so excited to see that RDR2 updated when I got off work. I thought, great! This will fix those minor pesky bugs with horses not spawning or not getting items in your mail right away after you purchase them. Inconvenient stuff but certainly not game breaking. So, I log in and my camp is not there. Then, I notice no animals anywhere. Called my horse and he came. Started riding around and noticed another player on my minimal so rode towards him. He was booking it on his horse but not going anywhere. Decided to go see Harriet and do some missions but no go. Option was grayed out. Might as well get a daily done and keep my streak going. Yep, I can visit Colter and Saint Denis in under an hour. Went to Lagras fast travel and paid 6 dollars to travel to Colter. When I arrived, it froze and disconnected me. Logged in and selected pick up where I left off and it dumped me back in Lagras back in the swamp pass the bait shop. I was getting mad so I started running back toward the fast travel. Ran through some bushes and got bit by a damn rattlesnake. Are you kidding me! No fookin animals anywhere for miles and I run right into a snake!? Needless to say, couldn’t do that daily so did the find 2 collectibles with metal detector. Man R*, how can you go from try to fix minor bugs that didn’t keep players from playing to completely fookin the whole game up? Even my PS4 knows the game is f’d up because it keeps running a check on it. You know what it says to do to fix the issue? Check for an update!?

  94. Anonymous August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Game is fucking broke, everything was fine for me until the outlaw pass was released. Down hill ever since. I get constantly dropped for network fault error 0x40003002. Now today August 10th 2020 can’t shoot npcs, lawmen, players, moving wagons with no drivers, no animals at all. No ducks for animal fat for explosive ammo. But who needs ammo when you can’t shoot anything. My character is also randomly invincible. Seems like GTA always has fresh updated content and news things to do with minimal errors. I love playing RDRD2 I don’t want to go back to Grand Faggot Auto. Ghost towns as well. Wish I had my money back for this game and outlaw pass. If I can’t butcher and murder innocent npcs and lawmen and slaughter animals and grief players then you might as well shut the shit down. Rockstar you will lose my money and I will never ever buy anything or play anything with your name on it again if you can’t put RDRD2 back to its former glory.

    • Peeb August 10, 2020 | Reply

      You had me until you said “ and grief players”

      • Gerald August 11, 2020 | Reply

        I thought after downloading the naturalist role was bad this is far worst I cant do anything without getting booted couldn’t complete a daily challenge so I guess my streak is gone as well the is such a steaming pile of horse$#!%

  95. al August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This is complete bullshit when I first got the update it was kinda fine but after an hour everything was broken I had restarted my ps4 many times and closed the application and nothing worked

  96. Anonymous August 10, 2020 | Reply

    great the fucking game is broke. Everything was fine for me till this outlaw pass was released. Down hill ever since. Today August 10th 2020 can’t shoot npcs, lawmen, players, moving wagons with no driver. No animals at, so no ducks no animal fat for explosive ammo. But who needs ammo when you can’t shoot anything. Also my character is randomly invincible. I wish I had my money back on this damn game and the outlaw pass. I love playing RDRD2 and do not want to go back to Grand Faggot Auto. Which has new content added it seems like every fucking week. And double rp and gta cash on different events every week or month. So Gta is flawlessly updated while RDRD2 fucking shit on. Guess GTA makes Rock* more money than RDRD2. FIX THE FUCKING GAME YOU COCK GOBBLERS.

  97. Kari August 10, 2020 | Reply

    So me and my sis decited to play online since we live in different states and we couldn’t connect. So we just gave up. So decited to play free roam and going hunting, which I can’t. Well this update sucks

    • Jordan Welch August 11, 2020 | Reply

      Ya they fucked up hard on this one if only they cared about red dead like they do gta v

  98. tlangiewicz44 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Way to go rockstar you tools. Great update to an already great game. No animals, crashing game, what the hell do we pay for? WTF??? You people are idiots

  99. John j August 10, 2020 | Reply

    WHERE IS MY F’N CAMP???? I have exited and loaded 15 times, restated my ps4 7 times and I have no camp. Rockstar you silly bastards. Can you please test the update before throwing it out. It was perfectly fine 2 days ago

  100. Thomas Jacobs August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Crash, crash, crash! Got some playtime by hitting R1/L1 right after the startup screen (Marston with pistol) fades to black, which was a fix I read about. Just switched to Naturalist. No land animals, only birds. None. Plus game stole $500 from me.

  101. Thomas Jacobs August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Crash, crash, crash! Got some playtime by hitting R1/L1 right after the startup screen (Marston with pistol) fades to black, which was a fix I read about. Just switched to Naturalist. No land animals, only birds. None. Plus game stole $500 from me. SIGH.

  102. Eric August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Game was buggy but was smoother at least on ps4, then they drop this new update and it’s right back to square one I dont get it DEFUND ROCKSTAR!

  103. Rachel Machon August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Pls fix the disconnect on Xbox n we can’t revive are horses camps invisible or don’t pitch guns won’t auto players ghost out n kill u n u can’t kill them story missions or just missions leave u stuck on loading screen then kicks u pls get this fixed

  104. Sarah Marston August 10, 2020 | Reply

    It’s a shame because I really enjoy this game, but I feel like a sucker for putting up with the constant bugs and issues that have plagued the online mode since its release. The update started out well with an abundance of animals and me and a friend were trying to find a legendary alligator before the special item went away. But after a few hours it slowly fell apart. We got stuck in a solo lobby where I was invisible to him, I was unable to interact with or shoot anything. Constant blue a screen errors and solo lobby where nothing is present. I’ll check back in a few days.

  105. Megan Hole August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Super glad I’ve put more money into the game then it seriously Deserves! How can u have this many problems on the constant? Ef.

  106. Martin Klein August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Great update. ?? No animals spawning and game keeps crashing all the time.. Looking forward for next great update ?

    • John j August 10, 2020 | Reply

      And where in the hell did all the people go? Buggy’s with no people, Saint Denis is completely empty not one single person. What in the hell did rockstar do????

    • Ryan S August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Same here nothing but game freezing followed by crashing a few min after loading into the game. I would say I’ve tried twenty times to load in now it crashes even before I load up. Nice work Rock* on today’s update. Much worse then even before this small update the games not even playable.

    • Chris August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Lol I thought it was an great update it had all the hunting you wanted and no errors I give it ??

  107. Kingtucky August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I think the left has had anything that was offensive canceled in rdr2. So no killing, hunting, fighting, gambling, riding horse, shooting, beating up feminists, picking n killing plants, camping, walking, running n existing. Having any fun what so ever. Rdr2 you have been canceled. …just saying

  108. Shaun August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This is bs. I finally found a buck, tried to shoot him after chasing him, and you can’t shoot them. I even found a guy in a buggy being pulled by a horse, couldn’t shoot the guy but could shoot the horse. They better compensate somehow for all this f#cked up sh!t.

  109. Gia August 10, 2020 | Reply

    So much for useing the gold barsi had Bought the update is bulll smh makes me soo sad

  110. Matty J August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I’m wondering why my update was 3 gigs? This article states a few MB. But I played for about ten minutes since I haven’t been able to log on the last couple of days. Everything seems fine. I had a camp and I was able to hunt.

  111. Raven August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This made the game even worse. Do they even test this crap before they release it? Cant do any missions or even shot an animal at the moment and it game locks up after about 5 mins

  112. Kara August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I thought it was just me my ps4 not working so it’s been a few hours now since the new update that takes everything away from you rdr2 isn’t much fun when there isn’t any people animals bounty’s guns not working the should give us all ps4 people’s some gold that could make the waiting better but what the heck…

  113. Upsetface August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Sooo broken since today’s (10th August 2020) update. My horse is in invisible, I have no camp and can’t get into my Moonshine shack. I gave up looking after that. Cheers *Sh1tstar – way to make paying customers leave. 🙁

  114. KD August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Game worked fine for me for a little while after getting patch. But now having same issues as everyone else.

  115. F.D August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This was fun yesterday now today after the new update nothing works and I keep crashing

  116. Knighttristan82 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    You can’t: call your horse, pitch your camp, find animals (normal and legendary), shoot enemies, do any missions (that includes selling, free roam, and bounties) the game no longer gives error codes but freezes up and you have to reopen the game. Yeah great hotfix

    • NATHAN LAMPHERE August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Same thing just to keep my daily challenge streak running real quick I had to go pick some bulrush and that was a project because you can’t eat it now since my inventory was full. I had to force feed my horse. I can’t shoot any animals the only two I saw bullets missed every time. Nice fix to break it further.

    • Despira August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Same here. Sick of the bs. Such a fantastic game, but Rockstar obviously doesn’t care.

    • Ed Truths August 10, 2020 | Reply

      I’m surprised they don’t fire a couple of game devs after so many errors on each update. I wish I could be so bad at my job and nothing would happen to me//::

  117. Quinn August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I ain’t laughin R* blue screen and broken everything is a sad excuse for a joke. So much beautiful work in this game by amazing artists that can’t be enjoyed because of programming issues like this.

  118. Prasinos186 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Rockstar must fix the game because after the update ( dumbdate ) the game is destroyed.
    Camp is invisible, horses ,animals, lakes are empty also you can’t shoot the animals and people and this is some problems not all of them…..MUST FIX OR GOODBYE.

  119. JK August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Patch? The problems are worse than ever. Can’t enter the moonshine shack, don’t have a camp, my horse won’t come and I keep getting dropped. The next patch is likely to make my Xbox explode

  120. Wh August 10, 2020 | Reply

    thank R* what a shit show the game is fucked up no lock no camp no horse no animals. fix it fast

  121. The Dwarven Outcast August 10, 2020 | Reply

    As I was waiting for the update to finish I had high hopes for the “fixes” Rockstar had promised, but sadly was very disappointed. Instead of a world teeming with animals of all kinds and non player characters running around We were greeted with a deserted one were animals did not exist and the few npcs left did not move. From invisible players, camps and horses to horses falling through the map. This “hotfix” had effectively killed Red Dead Redemption 2s Online aspect.

    • Coral August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Game was working fine until the update today 🙁 now it’s complete rubbish! No animals, ghost buggies, can’t ride my horse major lagging.

  122. Big Cheese August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Too bad you’re stuck with PS4. It says a lot that numerous comments mention auto-targeting.

  123. Buzz green August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Why do I play this shitty game??? They fuck everything up constantly

  124. madmikey04 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    The only thing that works is the showdown series. The *ONLY* thing!

  125. shane kershaw August 10, 2020 | Reply

    After the update I am unable to do any bounties or talk to any strangers before the update i couldn’t do legendary bountie idk why I even try to play this game every time I do it gets worse and more shit stops working

    • Kara August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Has anyone contacted R* , about said glitches fuck ups? Instead of complaining here we should be sending complaints to them in their office… good idea

  126. cody August 10, 2020 | Reply

    this bug currently fucks the game completely. we cant attack anything, coaches are fucked, no npcs are spawning or not moving around. you cant die, other players arw invisible and or not moving. so much shit

  127. TuTone August 10, 2020 | Reply

    The “fix” broke the world. As in, my horse falls through it every time I put a pelt or carcass on it.

  128. Queen August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Wow ! Everything was working fine till this patch ! Now, EVERYTHING is broke ! Camp, shack, horses, all ! We finally getting some animals, finally, and what ? They broke the game again ! They don’t want us to play or what ?!

  129. C.j August 10, 2020 | Reply

    No camp, ghost horse complete shit show.

  130. Joe August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This update created more problems than it fixed lol. Getting frustrated. 6 bluescreens on PS4 back to back. Fast travel, bounty boards everything is messed up now

    • Drew August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Same yeah constant bluescreens every time I’m about to visit Harriot, I imagine it was from the update, never had this constant issue with bluescreens and was playing last night before the update for hours just fine

  131. Allen August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Yeah I can’t get to my camp at all now and it’s definitely messed up more now

  132. Dominic August 10, 2020 | Reply

    If a gas man came to your house to do annual maintenance on your system and then caused a gas leak and gas you he be at the very least incompetent at his job so rockstar get your incompetent programers to do there job properly guarantee this wouldn’t happen on gtav there cash cow well thats my rant over

  133. James Kirby August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Just downloaded patch and now the game is broken. No animal spawns, keeps crashing on PS4. 8(

  134. Quincy August 10, 2020 | Reply

    This game is trash now like wtf is going in rockstar epic games would never have done this I cant play the game, call my horse, make a camp, i cant even aim at the animals an kill them, join my friends lobby or join their posse you guys need to fix the game asap an once you do NO MORE UPDATES PLEASE cause everytime you do there are problems. I hate this game now I gave up gta fortnite an mk11 for this on done if this shit not fix asap.

  135. SpartaKhaleesi August 10, 2020 | Reply

    WORST so called patch ever. More like a hack than a patch. Losing my daily streaks. Can’t do anything in the game no shooting animals, no moonshine shack entry, crashing constantly. Even yesterday couldn’t join a series event to complete my daily. Wt actual F rockstar??!!

  136. Neil Cuckman August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Yeah, stability fixes my arse. All they probably did was patch an exploit… And in trade ruin another game mechanic. Seriously, Red Head Cowboy Shooter 2 needs the developers of said game to actually look at the code they’re editing and view all of which it collides with, otherwise said game will stuck the way it has been for the last almost what- year? Wait- you’re telling me they let the game rot like this for almost a bloody YEAR? Like, I get it… You couldn’t locate issue, not enough assets to fix the game during the coVID-19 lockdown phase, but damn; you’re an award gaming video game production company who dedicates most of their assets towards a certain seven year-old game that I probably don’t have to write the name of (hint: Grand Theft Auto V), and you’re telling us that you couldn’t patch even half of the game-breaking bugs until the later half of 2020? This is low, even for Rockstar. I’m not even going to bitch about the complications that these game-breaking bugs have manifested, mainly because I’m two bottles of vodka into the night and really can’t be fucked to. But anyways, I lied. I’ll give you a brief description of these game-breaking bugs and the problems caused by them: 1: Animal Spawns. Yeah, if you’ve played RDR20 somewhere between December 2019-July 2020 you’ve probably noticed that the anime spawn ratio, from storymode to online, is 1-0 (1 being regular animal spawns and zero being no animal spawns whatsoever, I don’t know the exact math for the nerds out there, so get fucked if you won’t accept my stripped-down conclusion. Wait, did I switch between numeric and alphabetical characters when reffering to the number ratio? I did, didn’t I?), I don’t know the cause of this, so your guess may just be as good as mine. 2: Camp spawn glitch. Y’know when you try to set your RDR20 camp up, wait a few seconds, and it won’t just spawn? We all know this feeling, you’re not alone. I thought it got patched, but by judging by the comments of others here, I guess not. And this brings us to No.3: Random Error Disconnected Screens. I think this one speaks for itself. So I conclude, with the line of: R* = $hungry

  137. Alexander Flynn August 10, 2020 | Reply

    cant even load online now, gg r-star you fucked the game up worse than it was pre patch

  138. Freddie August 10, 2020 | Reply

    After updating I encountered following issues:
    – Wagons without drivers
    – no fishes
    – no wild animals at all
    – after several restarts some birds, but no auto targeting
    – Cripps packed up camp and i couldn’t let him set up (menu just disables, no money taken and no camp set up)
    – I couldn’t set up camp at all some times (menu already disabled)
    – Sitting on my own horse i got “horse thief” message and couldn’t access its inventory
    – at least 5 crashes, which i reported already via PS4

    Would be nice if you could fix your fixes 😉

  139. Roger August 10, 2020 | Reply

    As soon as I saw there was an update today I thought, well so much for playing this game today… can’t do anything, camp won’t lay out, keep getting blue screened out, you’ve really screwed the pooch this time R*

  140. Prova August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Wow, this update broke the entire game! Now that’s some real security update. No one can steal your steal if no one can play the game

  141. Ryan August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Why role out a patch that makes it’s worse. Makes no sense. You’re focusing on gta too much and it’s causing this shit to suck. I quit with this game, and I’m not the first and won’t be the last.

  142. Wout Bielen August 10, 2020 | Reply

    “Fix”, I finally bought the moonshine shack wanted to sell my first molnshine, can’t even get in there. Nice one!

  143. Hoeyda77 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Did anyone even test this update before putting out there… No NPC’s, no animals other than my horse. Can’t accept missions without getting logged off. Your quality control department should be taking heads right about now.

  144. Brittany Hufford August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Can’t make camp, just got attacked by a pack of timber wolves and the game wouldnt let me shoot them, the dot was greyed out and it wouldn’t lock on. Im so upset. Your update did nothing. I make all my money from doing trades but I cant because I CANT SET UP CAMP. I play on ps4. Fix this!!!!!!

  145. Matthee August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Every since the 1.21 patch this morning my game crashes within 2 minutes of being online

  146. Matthew August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Every since the 1.21 patch, my game crashes within 2 minutes of being online

  147. Jay August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Oh yeah. Can’t accept missions. Can’t buy a camp. My horse is fucking GONE. HORRIBLE.

  148. Texfal August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I hope they fixed the legendary spawns because the requirements are ridiculous

  149. Jake August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Your stability patch failed miserably. I cant even play the game now. I log in and call me horse and i get disconnected and then it freezes at the menu screen.

    • Richard Echevarria August 10, 2020 | Reply

      I just play the game just now and still broken the auto aim is not working rockstar you guys fake I’m sorry for saying but you guys only care about money I’m selling this game if I can’t enjoy a great game that have a lot of problems

  150. Smurfs_Revenge95 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Funny how this update was supposed to fix things and all it did was stuff my entire game! Since doing the update I do not have a camp and can’t make one, I can’t use any bounty boards and I can’t use my moonshine shack… I have restarted the game several times and restarted my PlayStation several times and nothing fixed the problems I’m having. Please fix this!

    • Chelsea Kerr August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Yea my camp is gone and I can’t make one either.

  151. Mark August 10, 2020 | Reply

    After update my game is still not playable. It crashes when I click any menu in game.

  152. kellie pavia August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Stabilisation fixes my sweet patootie since that patch i had 2 blue screens and several bugs etc

  153. Smurfs_Revenge95 August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Funny how this update is supposed to fix things when all it did is stuff my entire game! Since this update I no longer have a camp and cannot make one, I can’t use the bounty board and I can’t use my moonshine shack. I have restarted my PlayStation several times and restarted the game several times and nothing fixed the problems I am having. Please fix this! I just paid for the outlaw pass and all.

  154. chad lee August 10, 2020 | Reply

    they might have fixed the error message, but guranteed they broke something else at the same time

  155. Remco August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Well my camps just fcked. ….

  156. Sam Reeves August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Keeps crashing
    Camp not working
    No animals

  157. Hugh Mungus August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Nice work, man. I love rootin’ tootin’. Thanks again. Did I mention I’m thankful? Thanks, J. P..

    • Roger August 10, 2020 | Reply

      Well, this game is really junked up now. I can’t even shoot any animals. I had wolves attacking me and can’t lock on and can’t even shoot them when aiming right at them… Cannot target or shoot any animals at all… And I can’t mount my horse. Can’t set up camp. Can’t do anything!!!

  158. Reddeadguy August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I feel like it broke stables and horses

  159. Splitfoot August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Haven’t been able to play since the patch, no camp, keep getting booted, clone horse…nothing works.

  160. stace August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Is anyone going to ignore the fact it’s completely broken the game? Get blue screened every 5 mins and it won’t let me shoot any animals also my horse is frozen every time I get off it…. shit game!

  161. Pat August 10, 2020 | Reply


  162. Ayoub August 10, 2020 | Reply

    I hope it fix Error ox2000100006

    • Anonymous August 10, 2020 | Reply

      IKR I can’t join my friends anyone else experience this

      • George Haven August 10, 2020 | Reply

        Yes haven’t problems with no camp or fast travel

  163. Dylan August 10, 2020 | Reply

    its 3.24Gb on xbox and 164mb on playstation

  164. Catherine August 10, 2020 | Reply

    Its 3.5GB not mb. Same size as what the update was

    • J.T. August 10, 2020 | Reply

      It shitted the whole bed on my PlayStation now I can’t even walk into my moonshine shack thanks Cockstar

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