Red Dead Online: User numbers decline, according to analysts

Red Dead Online: User numbers decline, according to analysts

According to the market researchers of SuperData Research, Red Dead Online is currently far worse than GTA Online. To make matters worse, the player numbers of the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer should already be in decline.

Shortly after the launch of the beta, in which Red Dead Online is still located, the players pointed to various shortcomings.

Especially the fact that it takes far too long to earn money or gold bars in Red Dead Online has piqued many players. As it is called by the critically minded player, the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2 sometimes degenerates into a simple grind.

An event that, according to the analysts of SuperData Research on the user numbers of Red Dead Online. According to the user numbers are already in the beta phase decline.

But that’s not all. Sales of InGame content are also slower than expected, market researchers say. In January, sales generated by Red Dead Online did not just collapse by 14 percent. In addition, it is said that Rockstar Games earned five times more with GTA Online than with Red Dead Online.

However, GTA Online is slowly but surely running out of steam. According to SuperData Research, GTA Online and Red Dead Online generated little more revenue in January than GTA Online in January 2018, single-handedly. In view of the fact that GTA Online now has around five years on the proverbial hump, the current development is likely to surprise only very few.

Whether Red Dead Online will be able to gain momentum again, the next months will show.

What is your opinion on these development? Why do the user numbers decline? Use the comments below!

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