Resident Evil 2 – Game Modes – Difficulties

Resident Evil 2 – Game Modes – Difficulties

You can master “Resident Evil 2” with different levels of difficulty, including “Assisted”, “Standard” and “Hardcore”. On which differences you will meet? Check out this post.

After starting the “Resident Evil 2” you can choose a level of difficulty, with which you want to play the Capcom horror. There are three options available. These include Assisted, Standard and Hardcore Mode.

Depending on the level of difficulty you choose, the challenges in Resident Evil 2 will change. Below is an overview for you explaining the differences in difficulty levels. Enjoy it!


Assisted mode by Resident Evil 2 – The Beginner Mode

The Easy or Assisted mode of “Resident Evil 2” is aimed at players with less experience. In this mode, for example, you will receive assistance in aiming. Enemies become weaker and require fewer hits to kill them. It also replenishes a certain amount of health without having to use recovery items.

In other words, if you are bitten by a zombie, for example, your health will regenerate to a certain degree without your having to consume remedies. If the attack of the enemy is more powerful and you get more damage, then this feature will not help you either and you can not recover without a cure.

Standard mode of Resident Evil 2

The Standard option is the recommended setting for most players. In order to strike down the enemies, you need a little more ammo. In addition, you can only regenerate your health with the appropriate items.

Not uninteresting: In contrast to the Hardcore difficulty, the first two modes automatically and manually save without having to use ribbons.

Hardcore Mode by Resident Evil 2

Hardcore is the level of difficulty that is aimed at all players looking for a real challenge. If you choose this difficulty level, you will encounter enemies that are much harder to defeat. For example, it is suggested that they avoid the zombies, as a direct fight would mean the waste of ten to twelve bullets.

Hardcore mode does not provide automatic targeting. You also need to use ribbons to save your game.

“Resident Evil 2” appears for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you need solutions to the game look at our Resident Evil 2 100% walkthrough.

Which mode will you choose? Share your experiences an thoughts with us and the community! Have fun playing folks!

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