Resident Evil Resistance Update Patch Notes on July 10th

Resident Evil Resistance Update Patch Notes on July 10th

Capcom has released a new update for Resident Evil Resistance. We have complete information on this July 10 update.

The Resident Evil Resistance Update is now available for all platforms. With the update new cosmetics are added and there are many new skills for the characters.


Resident Evil Resistance Patch Notes

New features:


  • Added 18 new weapon skins.
  • Added 21 new Survivor skins.
  • Added 7 new Survivor gestures.
  • Added 13 new sprays.
  • Added 7 new creature skins.
  • Added 3 new zombie gestures.
  • Added 5 new Mastermind voice lines.


  • Added the new Technique skill variant to Sam’s Fists of Iron fever skill.Greatly increases the chance of critical hits during Fists of Iron. Each creature hit further raises your critical hit rate.
  • Added the new Speedloader skill variant to Sam’s Dash Punch personal skill.Equipped firearm reloads automatically after hitting creatures and bioweapons. Greatly increases chance of critical hits for a set duration.
  • Added the new Unstoppable skill variant to Sam’s Brawler passive skill.Cannot be knocked back by most attacks when using fists or melee weapons.
  • Added the new Attrition skill variant to Sam’s Adrenaline passive skill.Reduces Fists of Iron cooldown by seconds when a creature or bioweapon is hit by Dash Punch.


  • Added the new Shockwave skill variant to Martin’s Flash Baton fever skill.Blinds cameras and destroys traps within range.
  • Added the new Signal Jammer skill variant to Martin’s Makeshift Mine personal skill.Places a Signal Jammer to prevent the Mastermind from using creatures, traps, and their Ultimate Skill within the effective range for 15 seconds.
  • Added the new Bulletproof skill variant to Martin’s Life Hacks passive skill.Greatly reduces damage received from firearm attachments.
  • Added the new Minesweeper skill variant to Martin’s Sapper passive skill.Traps will not trigger even when running.


  • Added the new Rapid Response skill variant to Tyrone’s Rally fever skill.Increases the movement speed of nearby teammates while Rally is active.
  • Added the new Side-Kick skill variant to Tyrone’s Power Kick personal skill.Allows you to use a powerful side-kick that deals major damage, but dramatically increases cooldown.
  • Added the new Weapon Handling skill variant to Tyrone’s Firefighter passive skill.Reduces melee weapon durability depletion. Attacking creatures on the ground guarantees a critical hit.
  • Added the new Elusive skill variant to Tyrone’s Determination passive skill.Cannot be grabbed by most creatures while running.


  • Added the new E.I.S. Lockdown skill variant to January’s EMP fever skill.Disables Mastermind E.I.S. for 15 seconds.
  • Added the new Malware skill variant to January’s Overload personal skill.Plants a virus that immediately disables targeted cameras when the Mastermind uses a skill.
  • Added the new Anti-Armament skill variant to January’s Disruptor Rounds passive skill.Greatly increases damage dealt to cameras with active firearm attachments.
  • Added the new Pharmacy skill variant to January’s Cyber Monday passive skill.Makes all recovery items available in the Armory.


  • Added the new Enhancing skill variant to Valerie’s Modified First Aid Spray fever skill.Restores nearby teammates’ health for a set duration and gives them the effects of a Yellow Herb.
  • Added the new Cameras skill variant to Valerie’s Survival Instinct personal skill.Marks all nearby items, objects, and cameras. Increases damage marked targets receive from all sources.
  • Added the new Yellow Boost skill variant to Valerie’s Biochem Expertise passive skill.Increases the effect of yellow recovery items for Valerie.
  • Added the new Nullify skill variant to Valerie’s Explosive Knowledge passive skill.Valerie is now able to destroy traps without triggering their effects.


  • Added the new In the Zone skill variant to Becca’s Bullet Storm fever skill.Headshotting creatures extends skill duration by 3 seconds per hit.
  • Added the new Impact skill variant to Becca’s Sentry Stance personal skill.Greatly increases firearm knockback power during Sentry Stance. Headshotting enemies removes 4 buffs.
  • Added the new Eagle Eye skill variant to Becca’s Bullseye passive skill.Greatly increases damage dealt by critical hits.
  • Added the new Traps skill variant to Becca’s Scavenger passive skill.Causes Traps destroyed by firearms to drop a small amount of Ammo.


  • Added the new HOT DOGGER skill variant to Jill’s S.T.A.R.S. Armory fever skill.Switches weapon to the HOT DOGGER. Burns all attacked enemies. Able to counter most creature grabs when active.
  • Added the new Dash skill variant to Jill’s Evade personal skill.Temporarily increases movement speed when activated.
  • Added the new Master Key skill variant to Jill’s B&E Specialist passive skill.Allows locked doors to be unlocked rapidly when S.T.A.R.S. Armory is fully charged.
  • Added the new Run and Gun skill variant to Jill’s Delta Force passive skill.Increases movement speed while aiming.


  • Added the new Beastmaster skill variant to Annete’s Bioweapon: G-Birkin ultimate skill.Spawns a Zombie Dog near G-Birkin every 15 seconds.
  • Added the new Defense skill variant to Annete’s Genetic Mutation passive skill.Each buff on a creature will reduce damage taken.
  • Added the new Ambush skill variant to Annete’s Zombie Apocalypse passive skill.Creatures stand up immediately after spawning and are invincible for a longer duration.
  • Added the new Enhancing Vapor – Healing area 2 exclusive card for Annette.Releases vapor that instantly restores the HP of all creatures.
  • Added the new Tough Zombie (2) area 3 exclusive card for Annette.Spawns 2 physically imposing zombies.


  • Added the new Intercept skill variant to Daniel’s Bioweapon: Tyrant ultimate skill.Automatically intercepts Survivors near the Tyrant, throwing them to the ground.
  • Added the new Frenzy skill variant to Daniel’s Bloodlust passive skill.Greatly increases the movement speed of controllable creatures.
  • Added the new Invincible skill variant to Daniel’s Puppeteer passive skill.Makes controlled zombies temporarily invincible.
  • Added the new Overclock area 2 exclusive card for Daniel.Immediately gain some Bio Energy. Interrupts Bio Energy recharge for a short duration.
  • Added the new Caltrops area 3 exclusive card for Daniel.Places Caltrops across the floor. Survivors who run in this area continuously take damage. Max 1 at a time.


  • Added the new Toxic skill variant to Alex’s Bioweapon: Yateveo ultimate skill.Shortens base cooldown. When killed, will leave behind a large amount of infectious gas.
  • Added the new Mutation skill variant to Alex’s Biohazard passive skill.Infected Survivors emit infectious gas that affects nearby teammates.
  • Added the new Veil skill variant to Alex’s Residence of Evil passive skill.Traps will become camouflaged a short while after being placed.
  • Added the new Detonator – Camouflaged area 2 exclusive card for Alex.Spawns a camouflaged Detonator zombie.
  • Added the new Machine Gun – Infection area 3 exclusive card for Alex.Equips a Machine Gun that increases the infection level of Survivors hit.


  • Added the new Refract skill variant to Spencer’s Disintegration Field ultimate skill.Spawns Disintegration Fields in a set direction. Max 8 fields, (space permitting). Fields last for an extremely short duration.
  • Added the new Mod Efficiency skill variant to Spencer’s Umbrella Tech passive skill.Reduces mod card costs by 3. Also spawns an Electromagnetic Shield for 1 seconds when a mod card is used.
  • Added the new Battery skill variant to Spencer’s Bioactivation passive skill.Increases Bio Energy cap by 10. Each mod card in hand will also speed up Bio Energy recharge.
  • Added the new Invulnerability Anchor area 2 exclusive card for Spencer.Deploys a device which projects energy tethers to nearby creatures, granting them temporary invincibility. Lasts until disabled.
  • Added the new Shuffle Mod – Full area 3 exclusive card for Spencer.While in hand, discard and redraw all non-Mod Cards in your hand whenever a card is used.


  • Added the new Extermination skill variant to Nicholai’s Bioweapon: Nemesis ultimate skill.Using Exterminate renders Nemesis invincible and greatly increases damage dealt.
  • Added the new Infection Detection skill variant to Nicholai’s Predator passive skill.Automatically tracks infected Survivors.
  • Added the new Bioterrorism skill variant to Nicholai’s Firearms Specialist passive skill.Makes all firearms infectious.
  • Added the new Sniper Mod area 2 exclusive card for Nicholai.While in hand, firearm duration becomes infinite.
  • Added the new AP – Gator area 3 exclusive card for Nicholai.Equips a special armor-piercing gun that deals major damage.

Skill Cards

  • Added the Teleportation Trap special card.Places a trap that teleports Survivors back to the start of the area.
  • Added the Detonator – Infectious skill card.Spawns an infectious Detonator zombie.
  • Added the Zombie (2) skill card.Spawns 2 zombies.
  • Added the Imposter Zombie skill card.Spawns a zombie that mimics the behavior of controlled zombies.
  • Added the Leghold Trap (3) skill card.Places 3 Leghold Traps that hold Survivors in place.
  • Added the Airburst Trap skill card.Places a trap that emits powerful bursts of air that push both Survivors and creatures away.
  • Added the Fortifying Anchor skill card.Deploys a device which projects energy tethers to nearby creatures, decreasing damage taken. Lasts until disabled.
  • Added the Enhancing Vapor – Infection skill card.Releases vapor that makes all creatures in the effective range infectious.
  • Added the Enhancing Vapor – Berserker skill card.Releases vapor that causes all creatures in the effective range to go berserk.
  • Added the Enhancing Vapor – Regen skill card.Releases vapor that gives all creatures in the effective range regenerative abilities.
  • Added the Enhancing Vapor – Energy Leech skill card.Releases vapor that gives all creatures in the effective range energy-absorbing abilities.
  • Added the Viral Mod – Infection skill card.While in hand, newly spawned creatures will be infectious, but cost will also increase by 1.
  • Added the Viral Mod – Berserker skill card.While in hand, newly spawned creatures will be berserk, but cost will also increase by 1.
  • Added the Viral Mod – Regen skill card.While in hand, newly spawned creatures will regenerate health, but cost will also increase by 1.
  • Added the Viral Mod – Energy Leech skill card.While in hand, newly spawned creatures will have Bio Energy absorbing abilities, but cost will also increase by 1.
  • Added the Power Limiter Mod skill card.While in hand, Ultimate Skill cooldown is greatly decreased.


Quelle: Capcom

Written by: Carizma

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