Returnal Error Code CE-100028-1 Save problems

Returnal Error Code CE-100028-1 Save problems

A new update for Returnal was released a few hours ago. The patch should fix a number of issues, such as some game crashes. It looks like a new problem has been created …

The latest Returnal Update 1.3.3 seems to have damaged the save files of some players, and errors like the code CE-100028-1 are appearing more and more. If you have this error, you can continue to play, but your saved games will be unusable!

TIP to the error code: IF you have not activated auto-updates and have not yet installed the new Returnal Patch, LEAVE IT! Wait until the developers fix the problem!

As soon as we have new information on this issue, we will report it to you.

Written by: Carizma

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