Risk of Rain 2 Steam Update Patch Notes on November 3

Risk of Rain 2 Steam Update Patch Notes on November 3

The developers at Hopoo Games have released a new update for Risk of Rain 2. Below are the full patch notes from November 3rd

The Risk of Rain Update is now available for download for PC. We don’t know at the moment whether it is a pure PC update or whether it will also appear for PS4 and Xbox One. The version number of the consoles will be different. We’ll update this article as soon as we have news!


Risk of Rain Patch Notes

Major Contane

  • New Stage: Sundered Grove


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Eclipse 3 modifiers applying to enemies
  • Fixed the final boss’ shockwaves being fired an extra time for each remote client in the game
  • Fixed some floating nodes in Sundered Grove
  • Restored the cursor for gamepad users while in the info/scoreboard menu
  • Updated all music tracks to be more similar to the OST version
  • Updated a lot of localization strings
  • Fixed throwing Forgive Me Please off a cliff causing it to not release its deployable slot until the next stage
  • Fixed monsters revived via Dio’s Best Friend potentially respawning into out-of-bounds kill zones that make them miss the trigger, never die again, and potentially cause a softlock in this way if they are a boss
  • Added temporary safety mechanism that forces client bodies to reinitialize into valid states if they are still in an invalid state one second after spawning
  • Fixed ragdolling causing the hurtboxes of dead characters to become re-enabled (yes, the brass contraption ragdoll + melee bug is finally dead!)


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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