Rocket League Patch Notes 1.62 – New Update Available

Rocket League Patch Notes 1.62 – New Update Available

Rocket League Update Version 1.62 has been released, Patch 1.62 is ready for download, for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Most of the changes made in this update are for bug fixes. Below you will find the complete patch notes.


Rocket League Update Version 1.62 Patch Notes



  • Echo effect on ball effect has been adjusted
  • Reduced dynamic range of game audio based on community reception and feedback



  • Adjusted volume of fireworks on Champions Field (all variants)
  • Corrected memory behavior to reduce occurrences of audio drop-outs
    • This may still occur when playing 4v4 Rumble on Salty Shores
  • Fixed the diagonal kickoff position on Champions Field
  • An appropriate Club Tag worn by multiple players in a match should no longer be filtered on only one of those players
  • Resolved increase of ‘Error 71’ matchmaking errors when trying to find an Online Match
  • Player Banners previewed on Crate and Rocket Pass menus will no longer incorrectly attach to your profile
  • Adjusted the Paint Finish on the ‘DeLorean Time Machine’
  • [Nintendo Switch] Rocket League should no longer freeze if using a profile not linked to a Nintendo Account
  • Friends List notifications will now appear while viewing Replays


  • [Switch] Depth of Field controls are disabled in Replay FX
  • Players may see an “XP not received” message despite earning enough points
  • Audio may drop out during a match for some players
  • Some players may see overlapping item-loading icons when starting the game after receiving a large number of new Customization Items
  • [Rumble] Some players may not be able to pick up boost after being hit with the Disruptor power-up
  • Crates received while playing may not stack with Crates in inventory, but they will stack correctly after a game restart
  • One player’s car may be invisible at match start, will reappear after a goal is scored

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