RuneScape Update Patch Notes on February 17

RuneScape Update Patch Notes on February 17

The responsible developers at Jagex have completed a new RuneScape update and published the Pathc Notes.

The Runescape update should now be available for download. Among other things, this update corrects the error with the portals. There are also some optimizations and bug fixes.


Runescape Patch Notes on February 17th

  • King Slime’s Top Hat now appears at the start of the newest list within the player wardrobe.
  • Fixed a typo that occurs in the Once Upon A Slime quest.
  • Completing the quest will now allow players to re-equip their Comp Capes without having to log back in.
  • Players can no longer receive the first two bosses from Elite Dungeons as Reaper assignments.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players’ to walk inside the portals.

Semi-active miners were unintentionally impacted by a change to AFK mining rates. To remedy this we have adjusted the rates as follows:

  • *100% stamina = 100% damage
  • *1-99% stamina = 90% damage
  • *0% stamina = 20% damage
  • Players only chasing rockertunities should now find their rates similar to before
  • Pushed a number of server-side optimisations and futureproofing measures for Diango’s item storage.
  • The Winter Chill off has now been removed from the Lumbridge Crater.
  • The uncompressed textures setting has been re-enabled
  • Action bar keybinds are no longer slightly delayed after exiting various interfaces. The short delay still remains after committing to a chat message.
  • Fixed an issue with clan noticeboard ‘thread ID paste’ causing a crash/loss of functionality on mobile.
  • The broadcast for a HSR drop will now be displayed in areas where this was previously missed.
  • Fixed a bug that made enemies in GWD2 impossible to kill.
  • Can now pick up a stackable relic from the ground with a full inventory containing the stackable item.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped players completing The Mighty Fall.
  • Mixing a Harralander potion with only swordfish in your inventory will now make a cooking potion without opening the interface.
  • Fixed an issue with dinosaur leather not being recognized as usable against a portable crafter.
  • Removed [ph] item from the GE.
  • Corrected an issue where the Content Recommendation System could display a blank Latest Quest.
  • Players are no longer able to use the lockers in Rimmington if they haven’t been unlocked via partial completion of the Rocking Out quest.
  • Hatchets now correctly give four components per bar used in the making of them when disassembled.
  • A worn Zamorak insignia will now stop Zamorak’s forces attacking you within God Wars Dungeon 1.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a large number of broken/degraded items to be equipped via the bank.
  • The Prosper perk from the Invention skill now states which level of clue you obtain when it activates.


Source: Jagex

Written by: Carizma

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