Russian Fishing 4 Update on June 10 – Patch Notes

Russian Fishing 4 Update on June 10 – Patch Notes

Today there are again some bug fixes for Russian Fishing 4. The developers have released a new update on Steam and we have the list of patch notes.

The new Russian Fishing 4 Update (Build 6841609) can now be downloaded and installed. There are no new fish or other content, only bug fixes.


Russian Fishing 4 Patch Notes on June 10

  • Fixed. In personal statistics the results of catching the largest fish for a particular type of rod were overwritten.
  • When changing the type of rig, it is now possible to save the installed components that are compatible with the new type of rig.
  • Increased the likelihood of fish coming off for rigs with artificial bait when the fish is hooked while a rod is in a bank stick.
  • The transition to a new version of the game’s graphics engine has been made.
  • Fixed. In some cases, shadows disappeared on Yama river
  • The Chinese language selection is now only available to players in the China region.
  • Fixed. After installing some types of medals in the player’s house, reentry into the house was impossible.

We got our information from the official Steam website, right here.

Written by: Carizma

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