Russian Fishing 4 Update – Patch Notes on June 1st

Russian Fishing 4 Update – Patch Notes on June 1st

Today there is a new update for Russian Fishing 4! The patch notes have been released on Steam and we’re showing them to you.

The new Russian Fishing 4 can now be downloaded and installed. There are new fish species, a new waterbody and some adjustments and bug fixes.


Russian Fishing 4 Patch Notes on June 1st

  • Added a new waterbody – the Yama River. This waterbody is available to players from level 32.
  • Added 14 new fish species. These are inhabitants of the Yama River. Some species have several unique colors.
  • Updated the Winding Rivulet waterbody.
  • Implemented the ability to place medals and pennants in the player’s house.
  • Implemented more realistic line behavior.
  • Increased speed of moving between reservoirs.
  • Implemented the ability to hold competitions lasting 36 hours.
  • Expanded the set of items issued to the player when registering in the game.
  • In the game settings, the set of available scales for the game interface has been expanded.
  • In the game settings, the options for controlling vertical sync (V-Sync) have been expanded and the ability to limit FPS has been added.
  • Implemented the display of the shadows of distant objects. Controlling the display of distant shadows has been added to the game settings.
  • Changes have been made to the store prices for the Narga 8000 reel and the workshop prices for some reel components.
  • Changes have been made to the algorithm for determining the cost of replacing the oil in reels. Now the cost of changing the oil depends on the cost of the reel.
  • Modification of the price of rod components in stores.
  • Adjustment of the population size of certain fish species in the water bodies of the Sura and Akhtuba rivers.
  • Adjusted trout and grayling preferences for baits and lures.
  • The preferences of the fish for the “freshwater gammarus” bait have been adjusted.
  • Reduced the amount of experience gained by the players for catching fish such as Bream and Eastern Bream.
  • Increased the amount of experience gained by the player for catching such fish species as Ide, Blue Bream, Nase, Bleak and Donets Ruffe.
  • Bleak price increased in fish markets.
  • Fixed. PVA stringer names were not displayed.
  • Fixed. In the absence of crushed boilies specified in the bait recipe in the backpack, their name was not displayed.
  • Fixed. In some cases, when using monitors with a refresh rate of more than 60Hz the rod tip could shake uncontrollably.
  • Fixed. The search for items containing the letter “E” in the title worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed. When restarting the game, the selected float camera position was not saved.
  • Fixed. During long gaming sessions, graphic artifacts appeared when displaying 3D models of objects and fish in the game interface.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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