RUST Console Edition Update 1.02 on May 19

RUST Console Edition Update 1.02 on May 19

Facepunch has released a new update for the console version of RUST, an update shortly before the official release. We’ll have all the information about the patch on May 19th.

The RUST Concole Edition Update 1.02 is now available for download, at least for some countries. The file size is 3.2 GB, depending on the platform.

While the developers published the patch notes for today’s update, it was also mentioned that the team is already working on the next update. Patch 1.03 will be released soon!

The standard version of the game will only be available from May 21st. Only buyers of the Deluxe or Ultimate version can play at the moment.


RUST Console Edition Patch Notes 1.02

  • Fixed Tier 2 workbench + Gunpowder
  • Fixed stability and server list
  • Fixed the 5-second freeze on Xbox
  • Fixed Series X framerate issues
  • Fixed reverted Strafe changes
  • Fixed poor texture quality
  • Fixed pink or invisible textures on players
  • Fixed auto-sprint not working
  • Fixed can walk around on death screen;
  • Fixed cannot place/open doors
  • Fixed clients running after kicked
  • Fixed crash setting favourite servers;
  • Fixed fall damage when logged out
  • Fixed missing buildings in Harbour
  • Fixed no footstep SFX if wearing shoes


Source: RUST

Written by: Carizma

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