RUST Console Edition Update 1.04 is Live – Patch Notes on Aug. 3rd

RUST Console Edition Update 1.04 is Live – Patch Notes on Aug. 3rd

Facepunch is working flat out to improve the gaming experience in RUST. Therefore, errors are always looked for and improvements are implemented.

RUST Update 1.04 is Live now, available for download for all consoles. The list with improvements and bug fixes has now been released by the internal test.

PS5 Update Size: 3.3GB | Version 1.004

PS4 Update Size: 3.2GB | Version 1.04


RUST Patch Notes 1.04

Crash Fixes:

  • Plugging/unplugging headset and microphone will no longer cause Xbox players to crash.
  • Fixed multiple UI crashes.
  • Fixed multiple crashes that happen when loading the game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Launch Site window exploit. Players will no longer be able to use it in order to access the Launch Site monument.
  • Fixed the bug allowing players to build too close to safe zones.
  • Fixed the profanity filter from being overly sensitive in blocking a player’s reason for reporting another player.
  • Fixed the issue preventing players from planting pumpkins and corn in the planter.
  • Fixed the chairs causing some of the players to rubber band.
  • Fixed the glitch causing players to go invisible when sitting in the chairs in the Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed the “Internet connection not detected, please reconnect to a stable network and try again.” error message.

Quality of life and performance improvements:

  • Players can now pick up the work bench when equipped with a hammer.
  • Increased planting distance between plants (pumpkins/corn) to be more inline with the PC distances. This will reduce server lag and should improve performance.
  • Disable planting near monuments.
  • Reduced number of seeds from pumpkins and corn.
  • Fix Xbox gamepads not being reacquired again after disconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player list to be invisible.
  • Sleeping players will now be killed inside safe zones, or directly outside of the compound.
  • Fixed the Xbox percentages for achievements.
  • Updated Xbox invite system to work properly.

Graphics and UI:

  • Fixed the issue causing players to not see the player model once they open the inventory.
  • Updated Icons for Bandages, Large Medkit and Medical Syringe. Also updated the material for Bandages to match.


Where do we get this information from? Directly from Facepunch, of course, anything else would not be official!

Written by: Carizma

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