SCUM: Hotfix Patch – Changelog

SCUM: Hotfix Patch – Changelog

The Devolver Digital executives have released a new patch for the early access game SCUM.

The update is quite small and is more of a hotfix. There are adjustments to Eagle magazines and some small other fixes.


SCUM Patch Notes – Hotfix

  • Fixed the bug where DEagle magazine was not spawning.
  • DEagle animations and montages update
  • DEagle animations and montages fine tuning
  • Fixed a bug where items would disappear after relogging in Single Player. (More on Multiplayer down bellow)
  • Removed Santa Claus clothes from spawning. (Sorry guys need to wait about 95 days for this one!)
  • Disabled blue flash on item creation
  • Fixed loaded vicinity items not being auto destroyed (Only SP fix, as only SP was affected, some items were not destroyed as they should be, now they will be destroyed).
  • Fixed Island Wall Gaps (No more freedom)
  • Changed weight on bullet vest from 2 to 15kg

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