SCUM Patch Notes – Update from the 18th of April

SCUM Patch Notes – Update from the 18th of April

SCUM has received a new update on Steam, on April 18, Patch was released. We have the complete patch notes.


SCUM Patch Note from the 18th of April


  • Boom goes the dynamite, here they are. Some new challenges to aspire, and make sure we will add more of them as time passes! For now, we will just share the icons, and we will leave the rest for you guys to wonder!


  • The new rifle MK-18 is a fully automatic rifle with single, and fully automatic firing mode that uses a M16 clip filled with 5.56x24mm cartridge. It has a built in rail so you can attach sights and scopes without a rail, and it can be found in military areas.

V3 Holographic Sight

  • A new addition to the sight family, the new V3 sight can be mounted on any rail and offers high-end accuracy. It can be found in military areas.

Improvised Bed

  • An improvised bed that can be used as a shelter for respawn but is more compact and easier to craft.


  • A new place of happiness and joy, go and have fun!

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when arrows would disappear form quiver when prisoner would equip/unequip clothes
  • Fixed bug with switching camera on compound bow while aiming
  • Fixed a bug where an owned radio’s mesh would appear after hiding & unhiding the prisoner
  • Blueprint crafting will now correctly take individual ingredients’ usage rules (use, destroy) into account
  • Fixed a bug where cutting a bush would crash the server.
  • Fixed an issue where cargo drops would drop too rarely in SP.
  • Fixed bug that allowed prisoner to sprint while aiming bow.
  • Fixed the bug where people would duplicate items through events.

QoL Additions

  • In this patch we are removing the posibilty to put chests in rocks or accessing chests in rocks
  • Lockpicking difficulty was increased.
  • We added more songs to our radio so enjoy!
  • Allowed admin drones to open and close doors (even when locked).
  • Drone is now invisible to other players while in silent mode.
  • Drone top speed was increased.
  • Added map HUD while playing as a drone.

Written by: Carizma

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