Serious Sam 4 Update 1.04 – Patch Notes on October 9

Serious Sam 4 Update 1.04 – Patch Notes on October 9

Devolver Digital released a new update for Serious Sam 4 today, October 9th. Below we have a list of all the bug fixes and contents of the update.

The Serious Sam 4 Update 1.04 is now available for download. We do not yet know the size of the download.


Serious Sam 4 Patch Notes 1.04

What’s new?

  • By popular demand, and totally not because we messed up, the game will now save your inventory in your profile upon finishing a level. This means you can now continue your playthrough without losing all your stuff. Keep in mind that using cheats will prevent the inventory from saving.
  • The “show weapon wheel” and “select last weapon” functions can now be bound to the same button, with the weapon wheel being shown upon holding the button.
  • The vast emptiness of the France level has been filled up. Find the filling, and kill it. Let us know how you did.
  • You can now press the weapon wheel button shortly to switch to your last weapon. Holding it will still show the weapon wheel.
  • You can now customize your game difficulty by adjusting the enemy multiplier.

Stability and performance:

  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash during longer Netricsa browsing sessions.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some supported GPUs would be marked as unsupported by mistake.
  • Various smaller performance and stability tweaks and fixes across GPU APIs.

Gameplay fixes and changes:

  • Fixed an issue where specific Netricsa messages would not show up when intended.
  • Pyro now has fire coming out of his flamethrower. He sent his original one for replacing. It was obviously broken.
  • Piercing weapons will now actually pierce enemies when you shoot them from close range, and not fly out randomly.
  • We have bought a new Grenade launcher for Sam. This new model can shoot continuously if you keep the LMB pressed.
  • Enemies will no longer start to moonwalk after you shoot them from close range. They will die as all things should.
  • Do you remember how big enemies outside of the black hole don’t explode when killed? Well, they do now.
  • You can now use your finishing moves on Harpies as well.

Visual fixes and changes:

  • The default color settings have been tweaked to liven things up. If you wish to adjust them further, please use the Color Options menu.
  • Sam’s sprinting animation will no longer be activated randomly with the Born to Run skill unlocked.
  • The Volcano on Gates of Hell finally erupted. It has particles and all.
  • The ol’ Tractor now has a moving wheel. It’s crazy, I know.
  • Various tweaks of the third person melee attacks.
  • The laser now has a slightly improved secondary fire animation.
  • Fixed issues with some Processed, Gnaar, and Beheaded melee finishing animations.
  • Pyro will no longer do the Vogue T-Pose in the air when damaged. We don’t like dancers.

Other changes:

  • Asian languages now have proper word wrapping.
  • Various localization fixes for all languages. This is still work in progress, so you are more than welcome to report remaining issues with subtitles and/or menu strings.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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