Shadows of Rose marks the end of the Winters Family Saga

Shadows of Rose marks the end of the Winters Family Saga

Shadows Of Rose DLC would wrap up the ongoing story with the Winters family during an interview with IGN at the Tokyo Game Show 2022.


Winters Family Saga Finale


However, the developer isn’t disclosing any information on what comes next for the series, with Capcom’s Masachika Kawata saying they could “absolutely not” share information on plans. Kinoshita-san reveals that Capcom is “creating the Shadows of Rose story to conclude the Winters family saga,” but the company isn’t disclosing any further information.


The new third-person mode was another topic that the two discussed. Kawata-san stated, “That required about as much effort as building a new game,” Kawata said. Even the same game might be a radically different experience when played in the third person.


Kinoshita also stated that they wanted to create something that was at least as good as or better than Resident Evil RE: 2 and RE: 3. Resident Evil Village offers a remarkably wide range of player activities compared to the series’ earlier games.


Extensive changes and special animation


There is a lot of object-examining, guarding, and crouching movement. They made extensive changes to guarantee that those special animations would appear seamlessly connected and be playable at a suitable tempo.




On October 28, 2022, Resident Evil Village Shadows Of Rose will be released alongside the Winters’ Expansion, which adds the third-person perspective and additional Mercenaries content. Do you think Winters Family Saga should end soon?


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