Sniper Ghost Warrior Contact: a Great Immersive sim

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contact: a Great Immersive sim

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Three incredibly janky first-person shooters in CI Games’ series, battled for legitimacy.


A soft reboot 


Before CI got their groove and unintentionally produced a superior time loop stealth-action game an entire console generation earlier, the spin-off series Contracts had just begun.


The contract is a soft reboot that uses some of the same simplified principles as Arkane’s Deathloop. You must assassinate one to two targets in each of the five sites you visit. You can keep practicing these scenarios until your gear is exactly what you need.


Keep evolving and escalating.


 Although the plot doesn’t mention or appreciate your ability to go back and complete stages, it provides something far more valuable: real repercussions and inspiration to take various approaches.


In Contracts, your goal isn’t to end the pleasure but to keep it moving forward and rising. Step by step, you can work toward both a respectable skill ceiling and a fair skill floor. Some fans want a time loop and immersive sim game that evolves. 




Even if other more recent immersive sims have been disappointing, Contracts’ success gives fans optimism that more incredible things are still to come. Let us know your thoughts about Sniper Ghost Warrior Contact in the comments. 


Written by: verena smith

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