SnowRunner Patch 1.12 – New Hotfix Update on October 8

SnowRunner Patch 1.12 – New Hotfix Update on October 8

Snowrunner developers released a hotfix patch today. We have all the information about this update on October 8.

The Snowrunner Update 1.12 is now ready for installation. This update only fixes some bugs, one of them fixes problems with the Logitech G920.


Snowrunner Update 1.12 – October 8

  • Fixed a bug when trucks were falling through trailers in certain conditions
  • Fixed wheels clipping through slabs on Imandra map
  • Fixed a bug when some users were unable to load custom-made maps downloaded from
  • Various FFB fixes for Logitech G920


Source: Twitter

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Raven October 10, 2020 | Reply

    Avec le T300,RS c’est que du bonheur, bien joué aux développeurs!!

  2. asia October 9, 2020 | Reply

    11 gigs and its just fixes glitchs?
    I was expecting the new canadian map with it being that big.
    It shouldnt take 11 gigs to fix a couple glitches guys, it should be like 500mb max… who do these people employ? A pack of apes?

  3. Austin October 8, 2020 | Reply

    I’ve had no FFB on my Logitech G920 wheel for a while but I’ve been able to play the game without it. Now after update 9.0 I apparently finally have FFB! Too bad the game now does not recognize the wheel at all.. GG Snowrunner developers

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