Snowrunner Update 1.25 on June 22 – Patch Notes

Snowrunner Update 1.25 on June 22 – Patch Notes

Today there is a new update for Snowrunner! Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive released a hotfix patch and we have the patch notes.

The Snowrunner Update 1.25 can now be downloaded and installed. There are just a few bug fixes and new crane sockets


Snowrunner Patch Notes 1.25

We will show you the latest patch notes from the test server (PTS Update 14.1), we assume that they are identical. We will update this article as soon as we have more information.


  • Fixed controls conflicts in control schemes B and D
  • Fixed a bug where PC the ‘Log Trailer’ mounting fell under the terrain after detaching
  • Added additional crane sockets for Khan Sentinel
  • Fixed a bug where metal detector sounds were not working in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the truck engine was disabled immediately when the player changed the truck


Source: Focus

Written by: Carizma

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