Sonic Frontiers: One Rock band sung the Ending Ost in English

Sonic Frontiers: One Rock band sung the Ending Ost in English

Sonic Frontiers tells an important part of its soundtrack. Its vocal end credits theme was released on music streaming platforms and social media.

SF has shared a preview of its end credits theme ahead of its November release. In many Sonic titles, there’s almost a custom for a vocal theme for the game and another different vocal theme for the end credits. Sonic Frontiers is no exception to this rule, as players can now hear what one of its vocal themes is like.


The Ending song has English and Japanese version


The ending song is “Vandalize” by One Ok Rock, a Japanese rock band. Despite being a J-Rock band, they’ve sung “Vandalize” completely in English. Furthermore,  a Japanese version was also released alongside the game in Japan. The song’s lyrics fit the title’s story rather well, describing someone’s “head being in ruins” and needing to be “rebuilt.” The story of Sonic Frontiers also shares these themes as the plot found in it has been described as “things take a turn for the dramatic immediately, and Sonic is left alone with a lot of questions” by writer Ian Flynn.


Tune in to Vandalize


If you enjoy how the song sounds in the special preview video, you’re in luck, as despite how the official Sonic channels have shared a preview, the full song has been uploaded officially by One Ok Rock themselves on YouTube. You can also listen to “Vandalize” on Spotify and other streaming services. Interestingly, however, One Ok Rock’s version is explicit, so you should choose which version you want to hear.

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