SoulCalibur 6: Update V1.11 Patch Notes

SoulCalibur 6: Update V1.11 Patch Notes

Bandai Namco has released the patch notes for Soul Calibur 6 Update Version 1.11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Bandai Namco released a new update to fix some of the bugs and set some balance settings for the character Nier Automata’s 2B. The update is now available for download on the PS4, Xbox One and the PC.


SoulCalibur 6 Patch Notes 1.11

The Ver 1.11 update, released on January 17th, includes improvements and modifications that address the following issues introduced with the previous Ver 1.10 update.

Gameplay adjustments

  • Adjusted some aspects of the battle gameplay. Example: Fixed instances in which “Astaroth” was able to stay in Soul Charge mode beyond the fixed amount of time. Or instances in which some vertical attacks were not hitting opponents moving in 8WAY-RUN.
  • Adjusted certain characters and moves that ended up being more powerful than intended. Example: Raphael’s Reversal Edge, Azwel’s stance change, Voldo’s various special stances, …
  • Corrected “2B”’s movement list: Corrected some inaccurate/erroneous information displayed on “2B”’s movement list. The tip that specified that activating the following move would result in a continuous combo is inaccurate/erroneous “During Aggression Shift while soul charged B.B ~ During Aerial Leap B+K”. To correct this, we have added information that stipulates the abovementioned move does not result in a continuous combo in all but some of the characters.
  • Azwel: Guard crash is available by “Plunder the Depths”.
  • Talim: “Rolling Storm” gets a combo from the 2nd hit of “Air Blade Thrust”.
  • Maxi: Some combos gets unstable with homing function updates of “Black Serpent”.
  • Tira: Jolly side arts are available even on Gloomy side during Training Mode.

NETWORK issues

The game would get stuck on either the character selection screen or the stage selection screen. This issue will be fixed with this patch. Temporary fix instructions until the patch: Wait for a few seconds on the stage selection screen.

Update for all characters

  • Further emphasized each character’s individual characteristics and adjusted areas where characters’ strengths did not match their design.
  • Included all of the adjustments to character actions that were postponed in version 1.10 due to time restraints, resulting in a large number of changes in version 1.11.
  • Adjustments were made to reduce instances of attacks missing even when an enemy’s movements were correctly anticipated, such as executing a horizontal attack on an opponent moving sideways. Refer to each section for details on the adjustments made to each character’s actions.
  • The distance characters were pushed was shortened for certain combos that possessed considerably high ring-out capabilities in order to prevent unfair advantages in cramped stages.
  • Attacks that were executable at a glance in offline gameplay but difficult to perform in online matches were adjusted to avoid extreme differences in strategy depending on the gameplay environment.

Written by: Carizma

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