Stalker 2 release dates concerns, refunds being issued

Stalker 2 release dates concerns, refunds being issued

Xbox is refunding all Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl pre-orders owing to an unclear release schedule, XGP reports. Microsoft hasn’t spoken yet, but we’ve seen similar delays without a release date.

Microsoft doesn’t accept fresh pre-orders for the game since the game’s release date isn’t specified.

The game is one of the most anticipated open-world games for the near future, but the continuing crisis in Ukraine and the fact that the production team was initially situated in Kiev forced several delays. Some GSC Game World developers volunteered to join the army and battle with the invaders after the conflict. Several devs are still in Ukraine working on the game amid terrible conditions.

It was originally scheduled for April 2022, however it was postponed until Q4 2022 and then 2023. Xbox refunds pre-orders since the game has no release date. This has happened before. Xbox previously refunded Cyberpunk 2077 pre-orders until a new release date was revealed.

The first gameplay trailer debuted during an Xbox presentation, where it was announced for Xbox and PC Game Pass launch day. It won’t be available on PS5 for three months, according to leaked Microsoft papers.

The game began development in 2018. The Unreal Engine-powered game is exclusive to new platforms and PC.

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Written by: verena smith

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