Star Citizen Has Raised $500 Million In Crowdfunding

Star Citizen Has Raised $500 Million In Crowdfunding

Star Citizen has already become the most successful crowdsourced video game in history. Even so, gamers continue to support this massive project, as the crowdfunding program recently surpassed half a billion dollars.


Squadron 42 and Star Citizen PU


There is no doubt that Star Citizen is a one-of-a-kind gaming project, both in terms of scale and budget spent on development. The developers are currently working on two separate projects: Squadron 42, the story-driven single-player game component, and PU, the MMO component of the game.


 The crowdfunding campaign raised over $500M


The most exciting aspect of crowdfunding campaign is that the game has raised over $100 million from backers in less than a year. Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign raised $400 million in November 2021. This means that the game has gained 20% of its overall budget in the last ten months despite receiving donations from backers since 2012, demonstrating Star Citizen’s growing popularity among gamers.


Cloud Imperium Games has secured a large budget from a few other businesses in addition to the public crowdfunding scheme. The game is still a long way from being fully released, though.


Final thoughts 


CIG is now getting ready to release Alpha 3.18 of the game later this year. The game should obtain its second-star “Pyro” system by the development goals with Alpha 4.0, but this doesn’t appear likely.


Despite this, Star it has a sizably large following that supports both the creators and the game. Star Citizen has received the support of almost 4 million players, which is impressive. Are you one of the massive supporters of Star Citizen? 

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