Star Traders Frontiers Update 3.0.93 – Deathward Patch Notes

Star Traders Frontiers Update 3.0.93 – Deathward Patch Notes

The Tactical RPG Star Traders Frontiers has received a new update – Update # 224 Deathward. We will have all the information about this patch on August 22nd.

The Star Traders Frontiers Update 3.0.93 is now available for download for all platforms. With this update there are new Relics, Level 5 Specialist Gear and a lot more.


Star Traders Frontiers Patch 3.0.93

New Relics and Level 5 Specialist Gear

Update #224 introduces 4 new high level pieces of gear that can be found in Salvage and Explorer. While the new Bladeguide Aegis is combat focused, the other three types of gear are big Attribute boosters for Officers using builds that require high Attributes, such as Charisma. These can make gear more appealing to non-combat officers as well as their battling brethren.

In addition, we’ve opened up for the first time the ability for Contact’s with the Specialist Gear service to sell level 5 gear. The first piece of gear up for sale is the powerful Bexian Deathward which massively increases Resilience (+10!!) and Bleed Resistance (+25!!) making it an interesting piece to consider in the mix. More level 5 gear will be coming online soon after this first toe-dip.

ECCM Screens and Reactor Spike Balance

Thanks to everyone in the community continuing to post feedback on the new component categories and their internal balance. We’ll be continuing to improve the balance with the goal of raising more components up to the level where they fit a clear and powerful purpose within builds. With Update #224, we’ve put a target on ECCM Screen to ensure they have a place within the meta. We’ve both significantly increased their +Escape bonuses but added important Craft Evasion bonuses that can help ensure they can offer better coverage for ships like Smugglers and Spies who are built to disengage and flee combat.

For Reactor Spike Modules, we had to make a price increase to the first level (+$7K) and reduced the fuel stored within that module down to 5. Fine tuning another great component that is now viable for many types of builds. As part of this adjustment, we upgraded the 8000 Mass Broadsword Class to use a RSM 2 instead of an RSM 1.

Final Category Tweaks

Hopefully for a while, we’ve completed the last set of tweaks to category shopping based on all the feedback we’re hearing from within the community.

  • If you use the “Type Match” filter and there is only one category that matches, then this category is automatically expanded to avoid double clicks.
  • We fixed both A-Z and Z-A alphabetical sorting when you are browsing categories.
  • We fixed the remaining duplicate of small slot Mass Reducers when looking at categories
  • We fixed an issue with faction filtering causing some categories to disappear if the first item in the category was faction locked even if others were not



  • 8/22/2020
    • New Rare Relic Gear: Bladeguide Aegis, Slindo Trade Slate, Perk Balm, Allistar Edgeweave (Attribute Boosters for Talent Officer Builds)
    • New level 5 Specialist Gear sold by Contacts: Bexian Deathward (Resilience + Bleed Resistance)
    • Improved +Escape Bonus on ECCM Screen Matrices and added +Craft Evade to all levels
    • Balanced Reactor Spike Module 1 with minor Fuel reduction, minor price increase
    • Improved “Type Match” filter in component shopping, if there is only one matching subtype, the subtype is expanded automatically
    • Fixed alphabetical sorting when viewing ship components categories
    • Adjusted ship build for Broadsword Class 8000M to use Reactor Spike Module 2 instead of 1
    • Fixed duplicate small slot Mass Reducer categories showing up in component shopping
    • Fixed issues with Faction-filtering making some component categories disappear in component shopping


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    Written by: Carizma

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